The site concerns the corruption and lack of accountability which exist within the British signals intelligence agency GCHQ as well as other agencies. Jock Kane, a former radio operator at the agency raised the issue of corruption within GCHQ in the 1970s. His allegations were investigated by the journalist Duncan Campbell and eventually a senior civil servant, Sir James Waddell was appointed by the then Prime Minister James Callaghan to investigate the matter. The experience of Jock Kane is outlined in the following video

It is inevitable that, when an organisation has no oversight, excessive secrecy and extensive powers as is the case with GCHQ, corruption will flourish. In this respect, it is telling that whilst I have been creating this blog, I have been subject to Denial of Service attacks.

The harassment which I experienced began whilst I was a student at Saint Catharine’s College, Cambridge under the auspices of GCHQ and other agencies. The college I should state is a place where individuals are awarded places in the hope or expectation that they will work for the intelligence services.

Update: 16th of October 2018

At the moment I am uploading a copy of this website due to interference which emanates from GCHQ.

This is because I discovered today the  (and suspected as much) that when upon informing selected people (rather than the average Joe) about this website, there had been an attempt to block access and they were unable to view any material on this website.

Indeed when I tried it on my mobile, at first it did not work, then it did but only partially and then shortly afterwards it was fully functional.

Consequently at the moment it started working on my mobile, those selected people were able to access the website for the first time.

In other words there was an attempt to stop those people from accessing it.

This indicates interference which would not be unexpected given the contents of this website which by the way needs some reorganisation.

It might of interest to know that the upload of this website is is being throttled and blocked by GCHQ.