The site concerns the corruption and lack of accountability which exist within the British signals intelligence agency GCHQ as well as other agencies. Jock Kane, a former radio operator at the agency raised the issue of corruption within GCHQ in the 1970s. His allegations were investigated by the journalist Duncan Campbell and eventually a senior civil servant, Sir James Waddell was appointed by the then Prime Minister James Callaghan to investigate the matter. The experience of Jock Kane is outlined in the following video

It is inevitable that, when an organisation has no oversight, excessive secrecy and extensive powers as is the case with GCHQ, corruption will flourish. In this respect, it is telling that whilst I have been creating this blog, I have been subject to Denial of Service attacks.

The harassment which I experienced began whilst I was a student at Saint Catharine’s College, Cambridge under the auspices of GCHQ and other agencies. The college I should state is a place where individuals are awarded places in the hope or expectation that they will work for the intelligence services.

Although I have been elected for the time being not to upload the full account of what I experienced due to advice which I have received, I have nonetheless included some selections of material which should be of particular interest, including emails and audio, and which are outlined in a list of documents below.

The first five documents are worthy of particularly close examination in that they explain the basis of the harassment and the reasons why such claims cannot, according to the science, which is peer reviewed, be indicative of mental ill health and furthermore why any attempt to conceal it is self-defeating.

It is not unreasonable to suggest that in the absence of anyone pointing out any potential flaws in the analysis which is contained within these documents, which would be welcome, that, even without reference to any other documents, they prove that a modern equivalent of the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) is in operation.

How science disproves any notion that the harassment is imaginary and why it is self-defeating to claim otherwise.

  1. How a high level of perceptual reasoning negates the possibility of psychosis.
  2. Why psychiatrists sometimes diagnose psychosis when they fulfil the diagnostic criteria.
  3. How the consequences of the actions of those with a high level of perceptual reasoning are already apparent.
  4. How intelligence agencies as well as their contractors are using methods of intelligence gathering which are similar to those which formed part of COINTELPRO.
  5. The law of attraction (or why the Nash equilibrium is wrong)
  6. Why unipolarity is impossible, comparisons of freedom and why the New World Order doesn’t exist
  7. The Country of the Blind, a short story by HG Wells which is pertinent to the previous essays.
  8. Why the west will inevitably fall

Some revelations in relation to the intelligence services

  1. St Catharine’s College, Cambridge and its role as a recruitment centre for GCHQ
  2. Jock Kane, employee of GCHQ complains about the organisation when Sir Arthur Bonsall, graduate of St Catharine’s College, was its head.
  3. How GCHQ and other agencies have effective immunity from prosecution
  4. Some very brief highlights of the harassment which began at St Catharine’s College Cambridge and the way in which it was dealt with
  5. Why I do not work for an intelligence agency but nonetheless have information which pertains to British intelligence.
  6. Why is it foolish to state that claims of harassment by the intelligence agencies are indicative of mental ill health
  7. How not to invent fake news about a Russian threat at Cambridge as part of an attempt to recruit someone to MI6
  8. How not to make fake claim of a Russian threat by MI5
  9. How not to make a fool of yourself by inventing claims of Russian fake news by MI6 (especially given that you invent fake news about the Russians yourself)
  10. How not to murder your own employees by MI6 and blame the Russians (and the Americans)
  11. Why buying the services of intelligence agencies like GCHQ and MI6 might lead to buyers remorse
  12. How not to recruit people by MI6 (example 2)
  13. How not to threaten to kill people by GCHQ (Example 2)
  14. How not to recruit by MI6 or indeed by GCHQ (Example 3) and how not to hack
  15. How not to protect someone’s reputation by MI6 (Example 2)
  16. Why buying the services of intelligence agencies like GCHQ might lead to buyers remorse (Example 2)
  17. The old boys network at Cambridge
  18. The careers officer appears to warn me about Dr Hauser
  19. A brief comment upon mailonline, the editor Martin Clarke of MI5, and his apparent concern for mental health
  20. How not to pressure people into making false statements by MI6
  21. Why I support the European Union’s exit from the United Kingdom
  22. How to use the royal family as a human shield by MI5
  23. How not to hack people by MI6 (Updated includes the updated account including audio of the attempt to recruit me by that agency)
  24. How not to protect people by MI6
  25. How not to protect people by MI5
  26. How to make incorrect assumptions with regard to journalism
  27. Why Cambridge and mental health research are evidently not the best mix (And why I didn’t apply to Yale)
  28. The scientific method of leaking
  29. Why using the services of MI5 might lead to buyers remorse
  30. Some Public Relations by an employee of MI5 on behalf of MI5
  31. Small update
  32. How to get through customs with sensitive materials (And how this relates to the Di-ly Express and their obsession with Princess Diana and Madelaine McCaan)
  33. How not to run an autism chatroom on IRC (by QC or maybe JTRIG)
  34. An example of JTRIG at work on the wrong planet IRC chatroom?
  35. JTRIG, Lady Margaret Hall and Alan Rusbridger.
  36. The American concept of freedom of scientific expression
  37. A few comments about the British and independent Press.
  38. Why I am not an Anglican
  39. “It must be something you did”
  40. How not to censor people (by GCHQ and Oxbridge)
  41. Thoughts on the Great Patriotic War
  42. The Canadian Asylum Case
  43. GCHQ perform an ARP spoofing attack on my devices and block me from posting the video of this on their twitter feed.
  44. How to perhaps swing an election by MI5
  45. The British establishment and the Grenfall fire.
  46. A prediction in relation to the Cambridge Brainfest on the 23/25th of June
  47. Outlining the government’s position on Brexit (and how this relates to post-brexit intelligence arrangments)