Why buying the services of intelligence agencies like GCHQ and MI6 might lead to buyers remorse

It is rather perplexing as to why the “special relationship” is valued so highly except out of tradition. In essence this relationship is the UKUSA agreement(1948) whereby the NSA pay for the services of GCHQ. For the years 2009-2012, this was to the order of £100 million

As the Russian ambassador to the UN pointed out it does seem that the UK is trying to prevent any reconciliation between Russia and the USA, something which I have thought to be the case beforehand.

There are many instances of situations whereby GCHQ and related agencies have been of disservice to the NSA and provided false information.

  1. The allegation that Donald Trump being under the influence of the FSB came from GCHQ.
  2. The Trump Dossier involving someone from a member of Girton College who worked for MI6. Christopher Steele, of Girton College, who worked for MI6 and as a former intelligence officer named his company after the James Bond motto had such a rip-roaring success with the Trump dossier whereby he managed to smear the Americans, the Russians, himself and the British when the claims were found to be bunk (as they would have known would occur)…
  3. The Fake news of CSIS infiltration by the Russians and allegations against Michael Flynn in order to cover up real news of harassment by British Intelligence came from a former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove. The dossier involving Trump was such an obvious success that MI6 on behalf of GCHQ and Saint Catharine’s College, Cambridge decided to smear the Russians, the Americans and then themselves again in response to true claims by myself.
  4. The allegation made by MI6 when Sir Richard Dearlove was its head that Iraq had WMDs which was covered in the Chilcott inquiry
  5. The allegation made by Richard Dearlove that ISIS posed no threat.
  6. The attempt by the then foreign secretary William Hague to prevent any reconciliation between Trump and the Russians by his visit to Washington.
  7. The fake news by MI6 that the death of Gareth Williams was ordered by the Americans and by the Russians and which has since been disproved.
  8. The attempt by Britain to stop any form of peace in the Balkans in the 1990s as recounted in Unfinest Hour.

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