How not to make fake claim of a Russian threat by MI5 (Example 2)

This story which was the headline on mailonline is about a Russian ship supposedly being a threat to the UK because it’s sailing through the English Channel

The article neglects to mention something rather crucial however, namely the fact that the English Channel, which is the busiest waterway in the world, is an international waterway and that as such the Russians have every right to use it, as the mail are in fact aware.

In the absence of a Canal from St Petersburg to the Black Sea, it seems reasonable to use the Channel.

I think traditions are valuable but the tradition of such fake news which seems to have arisen as a result of the editor of the mail, Lord Northcliffe, falsely claiming that there was German infiltration during WWI is one which, given the threat from terrorist groups and given the need not to cry wolf about such matters, should perhaps be dispensed with even though in the first instance it may have been successful in that it led to the establishment of MI5.

I am sure the editor of mailonline, Martin Clarke, who also works for MI5 and passes on such fake news on their behalf should take note of this.

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