How not to make invent fake news about a Russian threat at Cambridge as part of an attempt to recruit someone to MI6

I judge that the following is not coincidental and even should my judgement be disregarded, others also appear to be of the view that it is isn’t coincidental

I posted the following on the St Catharine’s College twitter feed on the 15th of December in response to a tweet where they were advertising a vacant position

St Catharine’s College, as I have outlined elsewhere is (or was) a place where students are invited in the hope or expectation that they might work for GCHQ. As such St Catharine’s College can be described as being part of that organisation.

My tweet is perhaps quite rude but is nonetheless true and concerns the harassment which occurred whilst I was attempting to study in preparation for the SAT exam, a requirement for entry to most universities in North America, where I had hoped to go. The harassment involved, amongst other things, the hacking of email addresses on the first day of my studies, denial of service attacks as well as issues to do with my passport. I am rather intemperate because of the interference which emanates from that college and GCHQ and which was admitted to have been the case by Dr Oliver as I shall outline elsewhere.

The next day, which is the 16th, a story appears in the telegraph and in other journals which alleges that there is “Russian infiltration” at the Cambridge Intelligence Seminars which take place just over the road from St Catharine’s at Corpus Christi where individuals whom I have known used to go, including Sam Pegler of Saint Catharine’s College.

It would be hard to describe the posting of the story which concerns alleged nefarious goings by Russian intelligence at Corpus Christi college, and which appears a day after my post, which concerns actual nefarious goings on by British Intelligence at St Catharine’s College which is a recruitment centre for GCHQ and takes place in a building which is less than 20 metres away, as coincidental.

It is a reasonable to interpret such an action as using fake news which concerns infiltration by Russian intelligence to bury actual bad news which concerns harassment by British intelligence. They have concerns that my claims which are true and which were admitted by Dr Philip Oliver (as I shall outline at a future date) are damaging in that they reveal the existence of certain methods of HUMINT which are being concealed.

If what I said was untrue and given their concern about reputation (as can be seen in the college rules), they would have taken legal or disciplinary action but strangely they did not.

It would not be the first time the British intelligence agencies have used fake stories about foreign agents in order to protect themselves. The editor of the dailmail invented a wholly fictitious story about German infiltration before the WWI which lead to the establishment of MI5, something which is outlined in a (lengthy) article by Adam Curtis.

The reasons why they used fake news were not only to bury bad news in relation to St Catharine’s college and GCHQ but also to flatter me by stating that I was right all along about my previous allegation that there was infiltration at Cambridge and to tempt me back there to work for MI6.

I had made this allegation which I had made whilst I was in Laval detention centre in Quebec in October. I was trying to elongate my stay there in order not to be deported to England as they were insistent on doing so despite the fact they were acting in contravention of Canadian Immigration Law. This is a complicated issue which will be outlined elsewhere but lets just say that there was again an attempt to recruit me to the Secret Intelligence Service and I was told not to act too intelligent (How stupid would you like me to be then, I thought)

Being loyal at the time, I expressed the fact whilst in the detention centre in a letter, a screenshot of the relevant section is available below, to Lee Loch Chung, my removal officer, as well as elsewhere that I did not wish to go back to England because, amongst other things, it seemed there was a likelihood that Dr Oliver might be in the employ of the a foreign intelligence service and could immigration possibly check given that I noticed their RCMP informers (which is a bit difficult not to) and might be in a position where I would have to pass such information on to that foreign intelligence service.


Anyway immigration did check my claims and laughed at me (literally) on two occasions. It would appear laughable for someone else to suggest that there is infiltration at Cambridge because the RCMP would have been concerned about this whilst I was in the detention centre. They knew full well that I was good at spotting such people (namely their informers) and kept me in the detention centre as a supposed flight risk as a result. This was even though I had visited their border agency to ask to leave when I did not need to..

This article perhaps adds further significance in this respect. I don’t wish to read too much into things but I rather think the mention of someone called Mr Kent might be significant given other materials which I have mentioned and given the fact that this is my name. From the article:

“Mr Kent is responsible for building the links between the seminar and the organisation at the centre of the controversy, Veruscript. It was established by a friend of Mr Kent’s from Cambridge, Gleb Cheglakov, a Russian physicist.
According to Mr Kent, the new journal will cost roughly £50,000 a year to run and, although start-up funding is being supplied by Veruscript, ultimately it will draw on other sources of finance, to ensure its independence.
Mr Kent said he did not know where Veruscript’s money came from.”

Rather worryingly in this attempt to bury bad news, they went so far as to involve senior members of the American government including Michael Flynn and the ex-head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove who disciplined me when I was working at his college (something which I shall outline later)

“Sir Richard Dearlove, the ex-chief of the Secret Intelligence Service and former master of Pembroke college, Stefan Halper, a senior foreign policy adviser at the White House to presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan, and Peter Martland, a leading espionage historian, have resigned as conveners of the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar — an academic forum for former practitioners and current researchers of western spycraft — because of concerns over what they fear could be a Kremlin-backed operation to compromise the group.”

It’s an interesting claim which is entirely false not only because of what I have stated but also because as far as I can tell sir Richard Dearlove is not the most reliable source of intelligence given

  1. His claim that there was a supposed threat posed by Iraq and its weapons of mass destruction
  2. His claim that there were no threat posed by ISIS

Another story focuses upon Michael Flynn and the allegation that his translator might be a Russian spy. With regard to this story, it is clearly fake news

  1. All intelligence agencies are invited to the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar
  2. The Russians, as far as I know, are not told to sit away, from everyone at the other side of the hall (Which is quite small and serves terrible food). It would be expected that the Russians would come into contact with Americans
  3. When one needs a translator, it is far better to go for a native translator, hence why he chose someone Russian.
  4. The claim that the translator is somehow a Russian agent is ludicrous given that she sued the Russian government and won compensation to the tune of $3.5 million which does not exactly indicate that they are on good terms or likely to be.

It’s not the first time when that MI6 have invented a story concerning a Russian threat in order to bury bad news in relation to a St Catharine’s student.

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