Why is it foolish to state that claims of harassment by the intelligence agencies are indicative of mental ill health.

“The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don’t alters their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit the views.”

On the orders of members of GCHQ, I was put in a psychiatric ward because I complained about harassment by members of the intelligence services (including GCHQ) which started at St Catharine’s College at Cambridge. I was unaware of their involvement until I was informed about this by Kang Tchou, who according to his linked profile, worked for the NSA and has worked for the CIA. The fact that the college is a recruitment centre for GCHQ is not only confirmed by him but also by the list of individuals from the college who have worked for that agency as well as the fact that whilst in the ward there was an attempt to recruit me to a related intelligence service (MI6) something which I shall recount elsewhere.

Mental ill health to GCHQ and the British establishment means not seeing things from their perspective, a perspective which is essentially psychotic.

At the same time as insisting that I deny the things which do exist, namely the harassment by members of that agency and others, because of some presumed mental illness, GCHQ and other agencies would insist that the world sees things which aren’t there namely the Russian threat, WMDs in Iraq and Syria.

It’s interesting to note that the British establishment have not learnt from the similar experiences of the World War I poet Siegfried Sassoon who was detained in a psychiatric ward because he was a conscientious objector. Similarly the British establishment have not learnt from the experience of Alan Turing who was ordered to undergo what amounts to psychiatric treatment to cure a supposed mental illness.

I am not in the same league as these people but I think it is fair to say that they both serves as the epitome of how the British state treats people who are somehow different in that they challenge the status quo but are talented. In both cases medical treatment was ordained because of the views of the state. With regard to Wilfred Owen because he was a pacifist and with regard to the later because he was gay.

You might recall that with respect to Alan Turing, they also decided to keep his invention, namely the computer, secret for thirty years.

Interestingly, I’m not the only one who has been harassed by individuals from the college who work for the intelligence services

  1. Chris Waugh, the former schools liason officer for the college, was also harassed by members of the college who work for the intelligence services and fled for his life. MI5, as related by Annie Machon, does have a record of harassing socialists as Chris Waugh is, although in this case he is not aware of who is responsible. He was the person responsible for encourage students who might have the impression that Cambridge is a place where upper class people spit on the poor and where they might not as a consequence apply, to make an application to the college. Unfortunately, he was subject to the sort of treatment which he was paid to state did not exist. I did not at the time particularly feel he was suited to the position within the disabled students campaign and as a consequence of this we did not stay in contact.
  2. Jenni Tucker a former IT officer worker was harassed by members of the college who work for the intelligence services and was forced to leave. The lady concerned worked in the IT office and whilst somewhat less understated by Cambridge standards was not rude to me.

It is obviously not the case that all three of us in that we never really discussed these issues at length, if at all, to each other and were not particularly aware of each other’s stories until they happened to each of us, could be experiencing “Folie a deux” or a “shared delusion”. All three of us are in defined as either disabled or neurodiverse and the college does not fulfil the requirements of the equality act 2010.

Furthermore, I am not the only person from the University of Cambridge who was harassed as part of an attempt to make me work for an intelligence services

  1.  Richard Tomlinson a graduate of Gonville and Caius was actually recruited to MI6 but was subjected to similar forms of harassment in various countries as I have been. He has however received an admission of this from the agency concerned. One might conclude that there was some deal which led to the admission of harassment on the part of MI6 and that they were concerned that he might reveal certain things.
  2. Annie Machon born 1968) is a former MI5 intelligence officer who left the Service at the same time as David Shayler, her partner at the time, to help him blow the whistle about alleged criminality within the intelligence agencies. By doing this, they had to give up their careers, go on the run across Europe (August 1997), live in hiding for a year, and then spend the next two years in exile in Paris. They, and many of their friends, family, supporters and journalists, claim to have been intimidated, and some of them were arrested and put on trial.

In certain cases, individuals who have been harassed into working on behalf of the intelligence services have become terrorists.It is obvious that certain proportion of people will, when pushed, become violent. Others will leak. I do wonder if MI5 perhaps wanted him to become a terrorist so they could justify the increase in their powers.

  1. Michael Adebolajo was tortured and sexually assaulted by the Kenyans then harassed by MI5, went mad and and worryingly became a terrorist instead. The link contains a report where a friend of his reported the fact of torture whereupon he was arrested after making the report but for something which they claim is unrelated.
  2. Mohammed-emwazi (aka Jihadi John)

This seems consistent with other cases as reported in an article by Mohammed Begg in middle-east eye

In certain cases, members of the British intelligence services have gone so far as to harass members of the American government by smearing them, most notably Donald Trump with the Trump dossier and Michael Flynn with the entirely fabricated allegation  that he employed a Russian agent as I shall outline later.

As I say, if they (or indeed anyone) cannot provide a counterargument to my analysis of the flaws in methods of psychiatric diagnoses as well as the flaws which exist in their methods of surveillance, then why bother except to make fools of themselves.

Does it seem plausible to anyone that myself, Chris Waugh, Jennifer Tucker, Richard Tomlinson, Annie Machon, Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, Mohammed Emwazi and Michael Adebolajo are all somehow experiencing a shared delusion whereby we are harassed by the intelligence agencies, given that

  1. There has been a confession of this on the part of MI6 in the case of Richard Tomlinson.
  2. I only heard of these cases long after the harassment began.

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