Some very brief highlights of the harassment which began at St Catharine’s College Cambridge and the way in which it was dealt with

The full account of this is extensive but for the moment at least I felt some very brief highlights should be given.

I first reported harassment in college to Professor Simon Baron Cohen in early 2013. The harassment at this stage was comparatively smaller but involved amongst other things.
1) Rumour Spreading
2) Attempted tampering with the room ballot


Dr Paul Hartle is the person responsible for academic and personal welfare within the college namely the senior tutor. He is (or was) the person with links to the main body of GCHQ.

This is his response where he states that my claims are down to the fact that I am on the autistic spectrum. The college has not as of yet implemented the equality act.



Here he states that he does not deal with welfare issues within the college.


I asked for a copy of “the ordinances” in order to see the full complaints procedure but am informed that this is not permitted.


So I got a copy from the barman instead. it’s hidden on page 7

Anyone would think they didn’t like people complaining

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