How not to recruit people by MI6 (example 2) (with audio)

I have rearranged this with the recording of the attempt to recruit me and the commentary below this at the top of the article because noone has listened to it on this blog. I imagine most people will state “It takes place in a psychiatric ward and must therefore be untrue or a prank” and not bother to listen to it and to read the commentary. They might like to bear in mind that such cognitive biases are indicative of psychosis. For an explanation of how I ended up in this position, please read the preface below the commentary.

[I am highlighting particularly interesting sections which pertain directly to recruitment by MI6 in bold]

This section of the recording took place on the Saturday the 19th of July 2014 at Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridge. It is the first recording that day

  • 0:16 – 0:23: I am trying to get her to speak more loudly in order to record her conversation better.
  • 0:33 – 0:46: I ask why I am suited to MI6 and she says it is because I am talented with computers. How would she know whether I was talented with computers, given that she did not have physical access to the computer because she would have known, contrary to what she stated in the third recording, how I was achieving the new method of communication. She could not have known that I was up to something through me mentioning it, because amongst other things, I would obviously have ended up in trouble and the offer would not have been forthcoming.
  • 0:46 – 1:10: I state that I am not extrovert and I would find it difficult to imagine that someone on the autistic spectrum with a lower level of cognitive empathy would be suited to a position which requires a high level of cognitive empathy. In any case the positions for such research were not advertised at this point and she was encouraging me to apply for the officer role.
  • I:53 – 2:27: Positions for such research are not advertised. She is concerned that I am betraying the UK by going to the US because of “the investigation” as she sees it.
  • 2:50 – 3:22: Talk about the messages which I have received, she shows her BT card for instance and I suggest doing another application. It was her idea because she kept on badgering me into applying again. “What I’ve had to do” refers to the new form of communication and the effect upon others.
  • 5:25 – 5:40: Express my like for the hospital because of what it has afforded me in terms of being able to reverse the situation. I initially of course did not like it because I was detained and did not use it like a hotel.

This section of the recording took place on the Saturday the 19th of July 2014 at Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridge. It is the second recording that day

  • 10:45 – 11:06: I ask about the bullying culture because of what happened to Gareth Williams in that it would appear, on the basis of the evidence, that he was murdered by British Intelligence. The explanation with respect to his death are of course provided elsewhere. She dismisses this idea but does so however rather worryingly by suggest that as a double agent apparently selling technology, which can only have been made with reference to my contact with the Americans, I might be subject to torture. When I say I have explained my reasoning which is with reference to my apparent defection to the US, she does not provide any reassurances or suggest that she was referring to anyone else. Why is she so worried if she is just a mere patient?
  • 11:26 – 11:56: I do not know about the fact that it was GCHQ who had me detained in a psychiatric ward at this point. Her keenness for me not to apply to GCHQ is in all probability be because of the fact that she is aware of their involvement in my sectioning but she can’t tell me. She appears to know a great deal about MI6 even though she worked at BT (British Telecommunications PLC) but it may be the case that as a former nationalised company, it has ex-MI6 officers present as stated by Richard Tomlinson.
  • 12:11 – 12:56: Apparently Julia states that because I failed the test MI6 are not on my side. She agrees that I was being victimized which she may have been made aware of.
  • 13:01 – 14:21: Reference to the ordering of Sunblock by Dr Oliver
  • 13:56 – 21:46: I discuss what led to my admission to St Thomas hospital in London with reference to the conversation in part 2 as well as my subsequent detention. You will notice that she is absolutely certain that it is ketamine, almost as if she was aware of what had occurred. I make reference to the fact that the same set of symptoms which I was suffering were ones which I had suffered in college at the hands of Wei Kang fchou. The fact that detention was ordered by Dr Oliver is according to my own recollection of the online conversation, a log of which I no longer have, the claim by Kang Tchou as well as the official records to which I will obviously not have access.
  • 22:06 – 23:16: I make reference to hacking into my computer and Julia just happens to mention that she could not get on the internet, which might be interpreted as her attempting to cover up her own actions by changing the subject.
  • 23:16 – 23:46: The suggestion that I am there for my own protection is unlikely given the threats she makes the next day and a reference to which is made in part 4. It is also unlikely given the fact that the persecution was fomented by the college and given the fact that the apparent threat from the drug gangs still existed when they wished to discharge me a few weeks beforehand. If it was MI6 taking action because they were concerned about my well-being due to my location of the whereabouts of drug gangs, why did they decide to take action all of a sudden given that the ex- head of that organisation, Sir Richard Dearlove held a meeting in September 2014 at the Cambridge college where he was master and where I was employed as a cleaner, Pembroke college, because of my discovery and testing of trilateration upon individuals who belong to a drug gang. And if they had kept me there for my own protection presumably because they wanted to utilise my talents, why was I turned down on each occasion I applied to MI6.
  • 25:26 -’24:46: The doctors won’t tell me why I was detained and what was apparently wrong with me in the hospital.
  • 25:21 – 26:26: Are they trying to cover up the drug gang? Julia uses what might appear to be gentle encouragement to work for MI6 by saying what might happen otherwise in that I might end up on the streets. The psychiatric services apparently don’t give a damn according to Julia.
  • 26:26 – 30:29: I mention the messages asking whether am I a fan of Russia and she becomes interested and goes to fetch her BT card and the clubs she is a member of. Indirectness is inappropriate for someone on the spectrum hence why I think I am unsuited. There are more indirectness and changing the subject in relation to the mention of a tap on the shoulder.
  • 30:46 – 31:31: Apparently I am already in a selection process.
  • 31:31 – 31:41: I opted to stay because I needed medication and then because of using the place as a base and feeling pleased at reversing the situation.
  • 31:41 – 32:15: Won’t tell me why I was sectioned.
  • 31:58 – 32:35: I thoroughly enjoyed what I did and mention that I would like to do it as a job which piques Julia’s interest who states that what I did there is approved by the state and later on that I would be perfect for MI6.
  • 32:36 – 33:06: I had in addition not had a WCA assessment which is mandatory part of any application for Employment and Support Allowance.
  • 33:46 – 34:46: Why is she trying to dissuade me by going to America by talking about my sectioning and says that I should apply to MI6. She has been sectioned before but came in voluntarily to Mulberry 2, where patients are not usually admitted because Mulberry 1 is the admissions ward.
  • 37:31 – 38:26: She admits finally that she is tapping me on the shoulder. As a logical consequence of my application and eventual acceptance however, it must be obvious that i would not be possible for me to proceed with my project which would mean that other individuals who would wish to be involved would be in a position to do so. This is somewhat easier than persuading me to hand it over by persecution as had previously been the case.
  • 38:26 – 39:01: Julia admits that tutors love stealing student’s work.
  • 39:01 – 43:46: I talk inaccurately about my discovery of trilateration and the Hausers. I was in fact being persecuted beforehand by individuals from the college online, members who are into drugs including Michael. I am told that as a consequence of what I did to Michael, I am perfect for MI6.
  • 44:11 – 47:06: I talk about how trilateration can be used against the Russians and Julia eventually agrees. I explain my Circassian background and she explains the fact that she is related to the Fox family.
  • 47:06 – 49:26: Talk about doing it independently and doing what I did
  • 49:41 – 50:06: Apparently my being in the hospital is a tap on the shoulder but MI6 was only mentioned by Julia after she thought the FBI might be investigating the Hausers/colllege/GCHQ/drug gang.

In addition to the fact that GCHQ were responsible for instigating the persecution. I am reluctant to apply for the following reasons:

  1. It is an offer made a whole year after I discover trilateration and was subject to disciplinary action by Sir Richard Dearlove instead of being asked about what occurred, why I did it and more importantly what else I know,
  2. It is an offer made only after it is thought that the FBI is proceeding with an investigations and is probably an attempt to ward off such investigations.
  3. Julia previous to this was attempting to persuade me to hand over my work.
  4. It is not apparent how someone who is apparently neurodiverse will fit into MI6 which is an organisation which relies to a greater extent than others upon good social skills and cognitive empathy. The lack of directness on the part of Julia is perhaps an indication of this.
  5. The online test which they used would exclude people like myself and is perhaps indicative of the sort of makeup of individuals who work at MI6.
  6. I am not sure whether they are trying to lure me into applying and then proceeding to post me to somewhere like Iran in order that I might die in action based upon the previous concern for my welfare which had been apparent in the ward and in the college.
  7. Were I to tell them how the new method of communications works, it would in all probability be leaked to the Russians as had been the case at Pembroke college under the auspices of Sir Richard Dearlove..
  8. Given what happened to me in college and the fact that I have been poisoned on many occasions and given the fact that many Cambridge undergraduates work at MI6, I am unsure whether the bullying will exist there as well. I have asked Julia to confirm that this isn’t the case but she does not exactly reassure me when she talks about torture by MI6.
  9. I had a hunch that Gareth Williams was murdered by members belonging to MI6 as recollected earlier.
  10. Her behaviour previous to the THISISAFAKE email in trying to excuse or say there was no point in fighting the persecution did not exactly lend me confidence as to what were her true intentions.
  11. If they are so keen that I should work for them, then why bother with another application. It does rather sound as if she had been recruited by an individual within my college with a vested interest in ensuring I do not got to the US (as they see it).

The next day she appeared in the dining area and was very keen for me to go on a plane ride for some reason and when, because of my fear of heights, I did not wish to go, she became more and more nervous over the course of the next two days. You can listen to her apparent keenness for me to take a flight at 60:07.

This is reflected in the fact that the persecution continues in the form of a room break-in and a theft of a hard drive containing personal materials, contents to which she refers.

She appeared to know about the recording through Computer Network Exploitation, which is to my mind, another form or persecution given that this was a continuation of what had been occurring before any offer from MI6. This along with a theft from my room negates all her reassurances from the previous night.

The next day she for the first time ever cooks a meal which she is very keen that I should eat but I choose not to do so saying I was a bit full.

She become more and more hysterical as I don’t fall for her attempts and eventually loses control of her bodily functions and has to be heavily sedated by two members of staff.

This third section of the recording took place on the Tuesday 22nd of July 2014 at Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridge.

My attempt to make it appear that I am not recording her again leads me to close the laptop and to pretend to clean it hence why it is not poor quality. I am annoyed at her and sound quite arrogant because based on a previous pattern of behaviour previous to the attempt to recruit me and in particular the Computer Network Exploitation, it does not appear that her offer is genuine and is in fact an attempt to make an exchange for my work. I am also annoyed because she has been been badgering/pressuring me for a long period to apply for a job for which I am obviously ill suited.

  • 57:08 – 58:08: Julia sounds very irritable and depressed and is not friends with Kelly.
  • 59:00 – 59:33: She has to take two extra tablets last night to calm her down after becoming hysterical.
  • 60:07 – 61:13: I refer to the plane ride which she offered at short notice the day after making the recording on Sunday morning. It was definitely Sunday morning when she made the offer and given that she does sound very keen that I should go on the flight and given the account given by Gary Murray, the former MI5 agent, in the following “after dark” discussion problem at 9:10 minutes may very probably indicate a wish to kill me.
  • 62:33 – 62:58: She asks whether I did another video, which is in reference to the last video which I released which was a recording of a patient talking about Michael Hauser Raspe and is concerned to know what it is about.
  • 63:40 – 64:38: Talk about the food she prepared the day before and the fact she never cooks.
  • 65:38 – 66:43: Apparently according to Julia the drug gang will not leave me alone now because I’ve trodden on their tees. I make the mistake of thinking she has perhaps links with the drug gang.
  • 66:51 – 67:43: Julia talks about the fact that a council estate and the college are identical in terms of the usage of drugs. Julia mentions my family finances which I am unaware of. None of my family would ever have divulged such information which would mean that the information had been gathered electronically, which would mean through GCHQ. It is telling that she won’t provide an answer as to how she knew.
  • 68:08 – 69:08: I suspect she might have links with the drug gang given her previous harassment in the ward. I ask her whether she thinks drugs are wrong because of a statement she made that the government don’t mind drugs because it keeps people in their place.
  • 70:08 – 70:23: I apparently didn’t bother to show her how the new method of communications which I developed which I never mentioned to her. She is obviously aware that it all emanates from the same IP address.
  • 70:23 – 70:48: When searching for Julia Peterson she did not appear on Facebook until recently where her own profile recently appeared on search. In this profile she has attempted to discredit herself and the fact that she worked on behalf of MI6 by appearing to be mentally unsound.
  • 76:33 – 81:28: I ask for further explanations about why Ketamine might have been used. Apparently tampering with medication is the sort of thing drug dealers do and I have to be on my guard from now on.
  • 81:28 – 85:48: After explaining that I went to Birmingham for my own safety and encountered the same drug gang as I had in Cambridge, Julia says it’s not odd and said she has to know about such things because she is a qualified drug and addiction counsellor who worked at the Maudsley hospital. Apparently because I have annoyed the drug gang and I have put my life into their hands. I have a plan to leave the country which is why I might sound somewhat arrogant.



I have abridged the account of what occurred as I had complaints that it was somewhat complicated. I will update this at some point however however to make reference to the harassment at the college..

I was initially detained in Fulbourn hospital in Cambridge due to my complaints that I had been poisoned as a result of entrapping a member of a drug gang and after complaining about the harassment within St Catharine’s college which also involved poisoning. After my initial detention however, I felt that the hospital might act as a safe place within which to work and it acted in essence, as a hotel.

It would turn out however not to be safe because my communications were being monitored by an individual who would attempt to recruit me to MI6 and, as had been the case at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, I had numerous thefts from my room even though it was locked.

My actions in the hospital would result in me being asked to work for MI6,  because they became paranoid that I worked for an American intelligence agency as a result of my visit to the American embassy to talk to the FBI about the corruption.

It is ironic that after being told I was suffering from delusional paranoia, the people who ordered the diagnosis themselves began suffering from delusional paranoia and made me a job offer.

According to my own account as well as the official account, which is no doubt on record but not possible for the to access, the detention was initially made at the behest of my tutor, Dr.Philip Oliver who worked on behalf of MI6. This occurred shortly after I mentioned my location online to him and complained about the persecution which had been fomented by members of the college which was as I would later find out, a location where individuals are invited in the hope of expectation that one might work for GCHQ. I unfortunately do not have access to this conversation at present and it has only been since the meeting in January with Kang Tchou that I became aware that GCHQ were involved and responsible for instigating the persecution.

The initial diagnosis of “persecutory delusions” is invalid not only because of Dr Oliver’s later admission that the persecution has indeed been occurring but also because of the explanation into provided elsewhere. Dr Oliver’s admission that there was persecution  is in the first reply below, although he chooses to place the blame for the entirety of the harassment on a student, known as Kang Tchou, who has conveniently now left but worked for the NSA at some stage (according to his Linkedln page) and according to his own later admission for the CIA. Given the textual coherence of the conversation, it is obvious that Dr Oliver is stating that Kang fomented the harassment of myself.


It would appear improbable that a student would be able to persuade amongst others Dame Professor Jean Thomas, a person as master who was the most senior member of the college, a member of the House of Lords and Fellow of the Royal society, to participate in the persecution and to use their premises to do so.

It is also the case that my level of cognitive functioning as outlined below as well as the fact that I was asked to work on behalf of the intelligence service would discount the possibility of any diagnosis to the effect that I was imagining involvement by the intelligence services in matters in relation to my stay at the hospital and in relation to harassment by their members.


Within my first week of my admission to Mullberry 1 ward, where many more individuals who are admitted and discharged than is the case with Mulberry 2 and 3 wards, I met a few people who had been admitted due to drugs related issues.

Some of these had encountered Michael Hauser Raspe. As I had done with the drug dealer in Birmingham, I made a recording of one of those patients.

Shortly afterwards, my phone was for some reason stolen from my locked room and I was very swiftly moved onto Mullberry Ward 2 where it would be unlikely that I would be able to make recordings of the accounts of such people.

On Mulberry 2 ward, I met a voluntary patient named “Julia Peterson”. She was somewhat overly friendly with me and was keen that I should apply for various graduate schemes at BT (British Telecommunications) for example and wished at the same time to dissuade me from proceeding with my project. She only relented (temporarily) once I invented a new form of communications later on.

She was also monitoring my electronic communications. In addition to my own recollection, proof of this is given by something she mentioned in the part 3 of the audio, 7 minutes in that she was unaware of how I did the “GPS thing” which was a new form of communication which I discovered when I was in Mulberry 3. She could not have had physical access to my computer, given that she would I have seen the fuII extent of what I was doing and would therefore have been aware of how I did it.

At no stage did I mention any form of communication and this was only discovered by MI6 in October 2014 when I was at my parents house. She nonetheless commented upon the effects which she apparently had noticed online and was uncertain how the GPs thing was done. How what was done exactly? How would she know without me telling her?

During this time however, the persecution online was still occurring in the form of being stalked by Kang Tchou and others on behalf of the Hauser family. I attempted to make contact with members of the Hauser family through various electronic communications to ask them to desist from the harassment as I felt it was being entirely directed by them and was unaware of GCHQs involvement.

Moreover Dr Hermann Hauser has had involvement in corporate spying and other nefarious dealing as I shall outline elsewhere and GCHQ or ex members of the intelligence services do provide such services.

This seemed an entirely reasonable thing to do given that the detention and attempt to misdiagnose me had occurred when I had complained about persecution which had occurred in part when I would not hand it over to them through the college.

According to other evidence, it would, in addition, appear that Michael was unfortunately involved in some way in a drug gang. It would appear unreasonable for Michael, given his association with those individuals, to have access to work in that it is likely, based upon previous experience, that individuals belonging to drug gangs would become aware of the technology.

After refusing to take up Julia’s job offers, I was informed that I was being discharged without adequate support and as a consequence, kicked up a fuss. As consequence, I was moved into Mulberry Ward 3. As a result of the persecution continuing online and as a result of my phone being stolen in Mulberry 1, I discovered and developed a new form of communication.

Because of the nature of this and other work, which has since expanded in scope, I decide to alert the US government because of the apparent relationship between the drug gang and Michael Hauser Raspe and the fact that criminal elements within the college, whom I was later informed were GCHQ who were assisting Michael and his father in order to gain hold of the project.

I did not do so by email which from my experience (in contacting the NSA for example of which I do not have a record) is likely to be blocked or spoofed however that “the criminals” were in fact GCHQ and because of the way they behaved, my conclusion was that it was a group of criminals in the college and beyond linked to members of the Hauser family.

This is complicated but in essence, the form of communications which I used involved the audio recording in relation to Michael Hauser Raspe, the alteration of an existing communications network to provide a new method of communication as well as a tampered picture.

What I had done seemed to me to be an obvious joke, but it is one which appears along with my visit to the US embassy later on, had the effect of convincing Julia and others that the FBI were proceeding with an investigation, whereas it was obviously the case that were there to be any investigation, it would agencies such as the CIA and NSA and not the FBI, given that they for the most part concern themselves with domestic issues. It was only at this stage that mention of working for Mi6 began to be made by Julia.

This new form of communications was first used on approximately on the 17th of June. On the 23rd I contacted the embassy and pay them a visit.

After the failure of an application to MI6 (which I knew would occur but was badgered into), given the fact that Julia and others thought that the FBI might be investigating members of GCHQ or the Hauser family, she suggests that I do my project and it is at this point, in the hospital ward and not the University of Cambridge that I learn how to program and develop the first iteration of the program. This turns out to be a test of perceptual reasoning, which, according to the existing academic evidence, proves in certain cases that an individual with a high level of Perceptual Reasoning, such as myself does not have psychosis.

Additionally, I receive welfare in the form of Employment and Support Allowance without any form Work Capability Assessment, which is a requirement for all applicants. Significantly, I am not subject, as is the legal requirement to a Work capability Assessment by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Julia however is playing for time in that she wants to see the outcome of the “investigation” which she and others who are quite paranoid by this stage believe is coming, She appears to see through my bluff even though I again stretch the meaning of words in an email to the effect that there is an investigation, she starts being dismissive.

After examining the law with respect to impersonating members of US intelligence, I therefore decided to tamper with the existing email from the FBI with first section of the address clearly marked in capital letters THISISAFAKE clearly marked in repeated places in the header.

This alteration to a reference to a story by the author Douglas Adams who also went to St Johns with the actual contents of the email stating there were going to look into the matter but it might take a while. Despite my repeated offers, she will not even glance at the email because her knees have apparently started to hurt.

As a result of this however, she becomes very worried and starts trying to persuade me to apply for MI6 again and because I cannot verify who she is, l make a recording so I can ask.

Of particular concern is the fact that I cannot be sure that this offer is not being made in order that I might direct my attention towards MI6 and hand over my work to the Hauser family,, which is a strong likelihood given what has occurred previously. Of more concern, how can I tell them about the new method of’ communication which I would have to do as part of my application, given that there is a strong likelihood that it will be leaked.

Unfortunately, if one takes into account her behaviour in the third section, she finds out about my recordings by accessing the logs on my computer and the third recording provides absolute proof that she indeed acting on behalf of the intelligence services

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