A brief comment upon mailonline, the editor Martin Clarke of MI5, and his apparent concern for mental health

You may have noticed mailonline using the royal family to express their so-called concern for mental health which is risible.

To give an example of why this is the case, I should perhaps mention what occurred in 2015. On the 7th of August 2015, I rang the British Embassy in Paris to ask whether my passport which was nearing expiry and was damaged needed replacing as I was concerned that as a consequence, I might not be allowed to board a plane for the UK.

The next day in mailonline, a story appeared concerning replacing passports which are either damaged or expired and featured someone whom I recognised under the pseudonym “Sonia Moss”. I do however know that girl in that her real name is Sonia J Bamford as as can be seen from her twitter feed. She was in the year below me at St Catharine’s college. Cover names are only used by used by actors or people working under cover as journalists or as members of the intelligence services.

Given the fact that

  1. The college is (or was) a recruitment center for GCHQ,
  2. British embassies do have intelligence officers who work on behalf of SIS under diplomatic cover where they recruit agents (Look at page 128)
  3. It appeared in a publication which has historically been used by the intelligence agencies to protect or enhance the reputation of the intelligence services and which led to the foundation of MI5
  4. British media have historically been used to pass on messages to potential agents,
  5. The editor of the publication, Martin Clarke works for MI5 who in turn work in conjunction with GCHQ and SIS,
  6. Upon my return to England, Dr Oliver attempted to recruit me again to SIS which I did not desire but felt pressured into.

It is a not very subtle sign to the effect that they wanted to know that I was being monitored. I have asked others who are of the opinion that at the very least this is strange but more often than not they deem that it is not a coincidence.

It is a form of harassment by the intelligence services and really MI5 have as much business being concerned for mental health as Cyril Smith did for small children.

In this respect one might ask who has the authority to tap phones, given that it appears that is what may have occurred. From my understanding, this is the home secretary who at the time was none other than Theresa May.



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