Why I support the European Union’s exit from the United Kingdom

I felt I should comment upon a statement made by Julian Assange on his twitter feed as he is perhaps misinformed.


The following is not something I state out of malice or hatred for France which is a beautiful country but out of regret and sadness at the situation.

France is regrettably in many respects a colony of the United Kingdom.

One can not only look to the various instances whereby France has acted on behalf of the United Kingdom with respect to matters within the field of intelligence but also to the legislative and administrative means by which the United Kingdom has subordinated France and indeed the whole of Europe. As security is the prime consideration in any country’s affairs, it is fair to state that a country where this controlled by another country is a colony.

There are two examples of individuals from the University of Cambridge who when they were in France were arrested on behalf of the United Kingdom

  1. Richard Tomlinson
  2. David Shayler

The legislative and administrative means by which France is dependent upon the United Kingdom include:

  1. The Mutual Assistance Act
  2. The European Arrest Warrant
  3. The Lancaster House Treaty of 2010 which are two treaties between the United Kingdom and France for defence and security cooperation. It has been indicated that this will continue after Brexit.
  4. The EU Security Commissioner is none other than Sir Julian King, He went to St Peter’s College, Oxford and joined the  Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1985.
  5. Furthermore I seem to recall that Guy Verherhofsadt stating that deep security and intelligence cooperation should continue despite Brexit.
  6. The BND stated in December that they were dependent upon the UK in terms of intelligence and would be left blind without access to this.  It was indeed the case that there were veiled threats recently to withdraw intelligence as part of any deal post Brexit, something which I indicated was likely in December.242315
  7. France is subject to the system of surveillance which I outlined in one of my earlier posts.
  8. France has never clearly and unequivocally rather than indirectly indicated that they would be in a position whereby they would act independently of Britain in my case. I have been told as much by several individuals in France. In essence they also never stated clearly in person that my work would be French and that the British would have nothing to do with it. I discount any indirect statements because that can lead to misinterpretations
  9. France is unable to protect its technological infrastructure from surveillance from the British in any case
  10. Dr Hermann Hauser has been appointed as one of the advisors for the European Innovation Council

It’s none of my business obviously but I wonder why France wishes to protect GCHQ, the college and specifically Dr Paul Hartle and this person, whose name is Dr Philip Oliver about whom it would obviously be libellous to state that he is not of an entirely sober disposition which is why I haven’t. In that respect, I would never disparage his level of intelligence which has been a constance source of amazement to me and indeed to everyone which explains why Dr Paul Hartle, who is of equal intelligence to Dr Philip Oliver appointed him as a graduate tutor.


I obviously wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from a potential aspiration that one day they might be like him. They might, after being accepted to St Catharine’s, going through the academic hierarchy and making significant contributions like he apparently has (where?), become an emeritus professor.

Changing the subject completely, John Le Carre  who had himself been a spy described what the true reality of the spy world was:

For a while you wondered whether the fools were pretending to be fools as some kind of deception, or whether there was a real efficient service somewhere else.

Later in my fiction, I invented one.

But alas the reality was the mediocrity. Ex-colonial policemen mingling with failed academics, failed lawyers, failed missionaries and failed debutantes gave our canteen the amorphous quality of an Old School outing on the Orient express. Everyone seemed to smell of failure.”

If the French were particularly smart with respect to Brexit, they would be aware that Scotland can in fact remain in the European Union. If Scotland became part of Ireland on a temporary basis as part of a very loose Celtic Union, this would avoid the need for any negotiations to rejoin as indeed was the case with the German Democratic Republic after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

With regard to claims by Guy Verhofstadt about a Russian threat, it is nonsensical to suggest that they want to destroy the European Union, given that in the first place there is no evidence of this and given that in the second the fact that they very much want to copy it.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all. In particular, he might like to take note that the British were intending to try to exploit fear of the Russians on the part of European countries as part of the Brexit negotiations.




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