How not to protect someone’s reputation by MI6 (Example 2)

The following screenshots are from two emails in relation to Dr Hauser which given the contradictory statements are interesting and would appear to impute certain payments on the part of Dr Hauser.


In the first email, Dr Oliver says that what he meant by the fact that Dr Hauser “bought the whole of Newnham” was that he “bought the house next door” which is stretching the definition of the “whole of Newnham”.

In the second email, Dr Oliver contradicts his previous contradictory statements and says that what he meant in fact by stating that “he bought the whole of Newnham” was that he bought a Manor House and land in a village and stopped the villagers walking across a meadow to church.

You will note that in both cases Dr Oliver does not deny the fact that he stated that “Dr Hauser bought the whole of Newnham” but instead confirms that he did make such a statement by stretching the definition. It is a strange way of responding and given the fact that buying the whole of Newnham can of course impute paying for services from people, it is more than likely a reference to er certain illicit payments.

Furthermore I do not see any evidence of such property transactions on the Land registry.

This next screenshot is a follow on from the last conversation where of course, Dr Oliver who was of course head of admissions for the college and member of the tutorial committee and was responsible for admitting Michael Hauser Raspe is very keen to state that he does not know anything about his father Dr Hermann Hauser, founder of Acorn computers and ARM holdings which was then the largest British owned technology company, as well as being a major donor to the university. This is despite the fact that they used to drink at the Baron of Beef in the 1980s.


This strange keenness on the part of someone like Dr Oliver to state that he did not know him is obviously untrue given the above and given the fact that he does makes statements to the effect that he knew him in the previous two statements, both of which are contradictory and which contradict each other.

Furthermore in a conversation in the 5th of September, he states that Dr Hauser can be ruthless and if he didn’t know him, he would be unaware of this.

This would appear to indicate a need on the part of Dr. Philip Oliver to dissociate himself from what has occurred which would indicate knowledge of a certain complicity on the part of Dr Hauser as well as the college in certain criminality.

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