How not to recruit by MI6 or indeed by GCHQ (Example 3) and how not to hack

The following screenshots (apart from the last) originate from an app called “memrise” where I am attempting to learn Russian. They were taken on the 11th of this month.


17861612_216060408877865_406869857315984154_n 17883534_216060415544531_8605383759732844111_n

17862600_216060458877860_7506335546720667317_n 17757303_216060465544526_1527063047356235359_n

17883700_216060492211190_4447712425817239749_n-2 17861921_216060502211189_3999526560982679620_n

I am happen to be in Moscow so it seems a sensible thing to learn Russian.

Given previous attempts to recruit me some of which are on audio as well as the harassment by MI6 which is ongoing and which pertains in part to an attempt to recruit me, the apparent er reference to er things James Bond does at the very least seem oddly coincidental.

I think it is fair to judge that it isn’t coincidental however given the ARP spoofing attack an hour earlier:


For reference, an ARP spoofing attack enables someone to perform a Man in the Middle (MITM) attack whereby one’s traffic can be intercepted, altered and pass on (sometimes by an intelligence agency) in order that what you see is different from what had been intended by the author of the website or app.

Gareth Williams, who was also a student at my college was also recruited in a similar but not the same manner.

I’m sure the Edward Snowden files can also confirm that intelligence agencies do have the capabilities to alter what one sees on the screen by examining the traffic intercepting it and altering it.

The thing is and this comes across through the way they attempted to recruit me, MI6 have shown they are deficient in terms of intellectual faculties something which can be witnessed by their approach to the Middle East since Sykes-Picot and indeed at present.

One example of this intellectual deficiency would be the fact that they are attempting to recruit someone who has repeatedly stated that he is not going to be recruited as an intelligence officer through a medium where they themselves happen to be under surveillance by other agencies (which would be expected given that I am Moscow) and also by myself because I have tools to detect such things.

It’s pretty obvious to a five year old that a prerequisite of working for an intelligence agency is that one’s identity should be concealed which strangely they do not seem to grasp here and this indicates desperation on their part.

In addition they might like to grasp the fact that in order to do an ARP spoofing attack, the person doing it will use be on the same local area network. In other words there was someone working for that agency in this building and his identity is now compromised as well.

It is thereby possible to prove that any claims made by myself that MI6 have been using agents (which can be anyone) to do this as well as to carry out other forms of harassment are not indications of PTSD nor indeed any other form of mental illness because there is direct proof of this and that by extension the claims of mental illness are themselves forms of harassment.

So through the attempt to recruit me, MI6 have provided more evidence in relation to the harassment as well as the fact that I am not imagining it.

On a previous attempt to recruit me, I was informed by them that they would “look after me in every way” which seems a strange thing to claim given that they can’t even look after themselves.

It is a fact that on each occasion I have applied to MI6 (under duress), I have been rejected. This is hardly surprising, as I pointed out, given that one of the prequisites for the role of an intelligence officer is a high level of emotional intelligence. Given the fact I am on the autistic spectrum, my level of EI is deficient and am therefore fundamentally incompatible for such a role.

One might ask given the apparent desperation to recruit me and the rejections and my clear unsuitability who is behind such attempts.

If I was truly needed by MI6 then I would imagine that higher up within the organisation, they would have dispensed with the usual formalities and methods of recruitment. The fact is they have not.

One might conclude therefore that it comes from a party who works or who has links with that organisation who has their own motives in proceeding this way and is, given the lack of any accommodation on the part of head office with respect to my recruitment, doing this independently of the main organisation.

One might say given the insistence that it is likely to be someone who knows me well which would most probably mean someone from St Catharine’s College, Cambridge where I studied for a period. St Catharine’s, as a Cambridge college, has many members who have worked for the intelligence services and one is apparently invited to study at the college in the hope of expectation that one might work for GCHQ.

In this respect, it just so happens that my former tutor at St Catharine’s College, Dr Philip Oliver attempted to recruit me on several occasions and has himself worked for MI6.

As a result of the attempt to recruit me, I now have proof amongst other things that:

  1. I have been in contact with members of MI6 at Cambridge
  2. MI6 have attempted to recruit me and that the previous attempt of which I have a recording was indeed an attempt to recruit me.
  3. The fact that despite my stated refusal they harass people into applying, as mentioned amongst others by the organisation CAGE.
  4. Through the chosen method of recruitment, which involved a MITM attack, they must have employed a covert human intelligence source who would have had to have used the same wifi connection and must therefore have been in the same building. As such there have been agents who work on behalf of MI6 in the building.
  5. I have been followed by covert human intelligence sources all the way to Moscow something which I reported in other countries.
  6. Such claims are not indicative of some mental illness and any such claim forms part of the harassment.
  7. The likelihood that it was Dr Oliver or someone close to him.
  8. The likelihood that the college protected him and others. (They have recently promoted him to “emeritus professor” which given his lack of publications, the fact that he was never a professor and did infect retire from the faculty several years ago for some alleged misdemeanour would appear to show that he being given the benefit of using academic cover by the college)
  9. The likelihood as suggested by Gareth Williams that MI6 do in fact still employ er individuals who perhaps get “tired and emotional” which I shall leave others to judge by looking at the photo of the gentleman concerned.
  10. The methods of recruitment in that they are entirely deficient are indicative of the calibre of the individuals which are recruited to that organisation and of the ability of that organisation to carry out the tasks which have been given to it.
  11. The deficiency in the system of oversight for those agencies something which was pointed out amongst others by Sir Richard Dearlove, ex-head of MI6 and David Blunkett, ex-home secretary.
  12. Such repeated attempts to recruit me are indicative of desperation on the part of certain individuals. This desperation can only have arisen because I am aware of certain things which they do not wish me to know.
  13. Given that I have contacted the press on numerous occasions, in relation to the harassment by various British Intelligence agencies and given their lack of response or concern, there has been an order to cover up the harassment. As a consequence, it is possible to state that despite occurrences such as Hillsborough, Bloody Sunday & Chilcott etc and the coverups of these affairs and the supposed inquiries, the British establishment is aware of or complicit in various forms of abuse which occur in various organisations and still has a policy to cover up such harassment using, in all probability, the DA notice committee and the claim that such harassment was in the long distant past. With respect to the mail, it would not be unexpected that they would go along with this given that its then editor Lord Hamsworthy was in large part responsible for the establishment of MI5 on the basis of false claims of German infiltration as related by the renowned documentary maker Adam Curtis…/entries/3662a707-0af9-3149-963f-47be…. It was also not be unexpected that there would be a coverup in my case given the fact that MI5 and the Dailymail do still in fact have a close association and given the fact that its online editor, Martin Clarke who lives at 19 Homefield Road London, W4 2LN has worked on behalf of that organisation and has published demonstrably false claims of Russian infiltration or fake news or a Russian threat.
  14. Other individuals are harassed in a similar fashion and with certain individuals who have reported similar treatment but who have reacted differently, most notably Mohammed Emwazi (Jihadi John), it is to be inevitable and most obvious that there will be a counter reaction which is perhaps undesirable. If there was a genuine concern on the part of the intelligence agencies about terrorism rather than amusing power, they would not proceed in a manner which they know will inevitably lead to terrorist outrages.

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