How to use the royal family as a human shield by MI5

As I stated yesterday, it is rather hypocritical of the mail and members of MI5 such as Martin Clarke who edits that publication to use members of the royal family to express concern about mental health, given they have harassed the parents of those members of the Royal family and tapped their telephone conversations.

In this respect I am sure the mail would therefore like to agree with Prince Charles’ statements as can be seen at 2:33 of the following video


I am also sure they will agree with Princess Diana’s statements about the interception of phone calls by the press which does seem to indicate harassment


in her famous interview on Panorama which is sadly only available on dailymotion, she alledged that when she was harassed, MI5 stated that she was mentally unstable.

As a consequence of this, it might have appeared that they would leave a child of the royal family along but this does not seem to be the case with Prince George.

I reported the fact that  the intelligence services buried bad news which I reported in relation to the intelligence services at my college which is (or was) a recruitment centre for GCHQ by inventing fake news about Russian infiltration at Cambridge and fake news to the effect that the head of the Defence Intelligence Agency, Michael Flynn was subject to Russian influence because he had a Russian translator.

Given this fact and the fact of their ruthlessness which is outlined on this website, it is not beyond the realms of the imagination that, in return for being left alone, they might have employed the Royal family who are in effect equivalent to Michael Flynn in terms of hierarchy and asked them to talk about mental health due to further revelations which I have made in relation to the intelligence services on this blog and elsewhere.

They say that the motto of MI5 is Defende Rectum rather than Defende Regnum and this sort of thing doesn’t exactly dispell that impression.


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