How not to pressure people into making false statements by MI6

I was pressured much as I had been in the UK by MI6 previous to and after my time in Ireland in 2015 where I chose to be resident and where things carried on much as they had done in England.

Given the fact that there is proof of the attempted recruitment which occurred on the part of SIS in England in 2014 and last week here in Moscow, it would not seem unlikely that SIS should have followed and harassed me in the intervening period. I was again put under surveillance by two individuals in particular whom I shall not name for the moment.

I shall not disclose what occurred for the moment even though an account is written elsewhere. Suffice to say it included more poisoning, intrusions into my room and so on as had been the case at St Catharine’s. There was in essence pressure to hand over my work to individuals at the individuals at the college on the part of the Hauser family.

I was at that stage quite lonely and through the pressure of events eventually made me acquiesce to their pressure. In an attempt to get them off my back and in the hope that they would compromise, I blamed myself and said to the police on a visit to Newry that “I had a breakdown” in an attempt to compromise. I was pressured through events into making this statement to the police.

The fact is however that I did not have a breakdown and there is in actual fact no such diagnosis in either the ICD or the DSM.

Rapport, Todd, Lumley, and Fisicaro suggest that the closest DSM-IV diagnostic category to nervous breakdown is Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Anxiety and Depressed Mood (Acute). In particular, I do not fulfil given my high level of perceptual organisation (1%) and processing speed (6%) any of the criteria for any mental illness.

Moreover, it would be foolish and illogical to claim given the fact that I wrote a test of PO whilst in the hospital and Ireland that I had suffered some cognitive deficit inherent to various forms of psychosis and other mental illnesses.

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