Why buying the services of intelligence agencies like GCHQ might lead to buyers remorse (Example 2)

The confession made by individuals involved in the very famous Sinclair / Acorn conflict in the 1980s which is documented to some degree (albeit with the libellous sections removed) in the television film Micro men, shows that corporate spying at Cambridge has a long history.

There is not exactly a denial of this confession by Dr Hermann Hauser and corporate spying does, given that it is a business, involve the payment of money to those who carry it out. It is fair to state that therefore that Dr Hermann Hauser has paid money for such services.

This does of course relate the the harassment of myself by the intelligence services.

  1. Given the fact that such services are most often provided by former and current members of the intelligence agencies.
  2. Much of the spying/dirty tricks began in a college where one is invited in the hope or expectation that one might work for GCHQ.
  3. The fact that the low budget for GCHQ would mean that they would be unable to perform such a function without recourse to external funds and would not be doing it for their own benefit.
  4. The allegation that made by Dr Philip Oliver, the person who admitted his son to the college and with whom he used to drink at the Baron of Beef public course, that Dr Hauser was involved in what appears to be certain payments for property when he strangely isn’t, would seem to indicate bribery.
  5. The allegation made by many within St Catharine’s and beyond that Dr Hermann Hauser was paying for the spying and harassment is true. (Perhaps without not knowing what he was buying given naivety in real matters) which is related in a later email.
  6. There are close links between members of Amadeus Capital partners and GCHQ and Amadeus Capital partners and the college which is a place where people where people are or were invited in the hope or expectation that one will work for GCHQ.
    1. Alex van Someren is an associate of a former head of GCHQ, Sir Iain Lobban, as part of the Cylon accelerator.
    2. Professor Dame Jean Thomas was friends with Dr Pamela Raspe and met at the biology faculty.
    3. Dr Hermann Hauser used to drink with Dr Oliver (who mentioned how ruthless he was) at the Baron of Beef public house and admitted his son Michael to the college.

I think it is fair to conclude that Dr Hermann Hauser has been responsible for paying for although not directing the harassment which was admitted by Dr Oliver.

What is the probability that the British establishment and in particular the intelligence agencies would investigate this matter and see that justice runs its course and not instead defend its reputation given the fact that

  1. Dr Hermann Hauser founded ARM holdings which was the largest British owned technology company
  2. Dr Hermann Hauser is responsible is to a large extent deemed to be responsible for turning Cambridge into a place which attracted large scale investment in the technology sector.
  3. Cambridge is a premiere university
  4. The intelligence agencies are involved and they do not have oversight according to David Blunkett, the former home secretary and Sir Richard Dearlove former head of MI6 and several judgements by the EHRC)

I think most people would say that they would defend its reputation and would state that the right wing press in particular will by default defend the state against the individual in such instances.

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