How not to hack people by MI6 (Updated includes the updated account including audio of the attempt to recruit me)

I’ve updated this to include a reference to the attempt to recruit me to MI6 which is available on audio.

Well my osx installation has been hacked and I am now using tails.

The fact that it has been hacked and the fact of what I just posted about the security service and the royal family just now is not a coincidence.

Defende rectum (look after ones backside) as always but not often very well. And interesting ne defende regnum (do not look after the kingdom) as I sort of attempted to do is not permitted

They have also hacked my computer and tampered with the audio of Julia Peterson, the person who attempted to recruit me to SIS which I shall upload later.

Anyway I’ve repaired it.

The original audio sans commentary and the original audio of the attempt to recruit me is here (I should perhaps draw your attention to the account of what happened which has been updated to include the audio of the attempt to recruit me)

The section of the audio which was tampered with is here

Just to reiterate to any new readers, amongst other posts,

And there is proof that

  1. There is a concealed system of human intelligence gathering in operation which is abused by the intelligence agencies
  2. Such claims cannot be indicative of a form of mental disorder
  3. Other people have been subjected to this
  4. The intelligence services in the Uk have immunity from prosection and it is pointless trying to complain


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