How not to protect people by MI6

SIS is the correct name for MI6, which I am reticent to use because people appear to think, no doubt due to James Bond that it’s some Special Operations Executive type organisation which hasn’t existed for over half a century. In actual fact the reality is that the life of an intelligence officer is an office job with perhaps some travel mixed in and lots of counselling of agents. Just to remind you, this is the sort of person who works for MI6.


Anyway, the repeated attempts to recruit me to MI6 on the part of that individual in the photo whose name is Dr Philip Oliver and was the head of admissions at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge are interesting in that MI6 promised that they would “look after me in every which way”. I felt I should comment upon this rather strange claim.

Not only is it the case that SIS don’t seem to be particularly capable (or indeed interested) in looking after the Middle East but the previous head of the organisation, Sir John Sawyers doesn’t appear to be able to look after himself or indeed his own family, given that certain pictures of himself and family appeared on the internet through his wife’s Facebook account which were available to everyone.

mi6 27.jpg

Lady Sawyers and Corinne Sawyers

mi6 18.jpg

Sir John Sawyers

The EXIF details were presumably available on this photos, thereby providing details of the locations where they were taken and so on.  Lady Sawers also happened to disclose many personal details on her facebook account, including the location of the London flat used herself and Sir John and other details of their three children and of Sir John’s parents. Security experts even warned that his family might have to be rehoused.

I hope it is understood given this that having being in a Cambridge college where one is invited in the hope of expectation that one will work for GCHQ, it’s really not all that difficult to come across information in relation to those who work for the intelligence agencies, as Jock Kane confirmed.

It’s doesn’t exactly ring true that they would look after me particularly given the photos and given the fact that they murdered Gareth Williams and tried to blamed the Russians and Americans.

Moreover, apart from the general harassment, the death threats in person and online, the threat of torture, the fact that others have reported torture as well as the fact that Sir John appears to think torturing terror suspects produces useful intelligence are all rather off-putting to say the least.

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