How not to protect people by MI5

I’m no ardent royalist but do nonetheless feel an empathy for them because of the level of intrusion into their private lives and the smears against them. Additionally unlike most people in England, they’re not into social climbing and one doesn’t have to bother with the nonsense either. One might say that they, unlike the majority of the house of commons, are in a position whereby they can understand the people.

In days of old, when men were bold, they would have been able to drive certain people in the sea, a situation which sadly doesn’t seem to be the case now. The Queen most unfortunately has no power given her statement that “There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge.”

In effect it is people like this who are the British Royal family which is a comforting thought


Vladimir Putin and Russia do not appear to have this problem which is partly why I am living here. I can imagine a situation whereby the royal family might perhaps welcome some advice in this respect from the Kremlin.

With respect to those dark forces, I have already mentioned the historic links between MI5 and the dailymail, the fact that the editor of mailonline, Martin Clarke works for MI5. I have also talked about the harassment of the royal family by the dailymail as well as other publications.

He seems to be of the same view as Paul MacMullan of the News of the Word with regard to privacy

So in the spirit with which Martin Clarke treats the privacy of the royal family and others, I feel it is appropriate and he would welcome it if the public were to know some personal details relating to him, particularly as such details are already publicly available.

Here are some pictures of Martin Clarke of MI5


His address is 19 HOMEFIELD ROAD LONDON W4 2LN and here is a map of the area.


Here is his house


I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you were to take pictures of him and his family given his disregard for privacy although any form of violence would not be right particularly given the fact that he would make a good news story in another paper.

What might be of greater interest is the following; my level of perceptual reasoning which discounts and indicates the opposite of psychosis means that such a publication will be used to communicate things on their behalf of MI5 in a plausibly deniable way. It is not a case that I “see things which aren’t there” but, like Nunez in Country of the Blind by HG Wells, I have a certain level of ability which means that I see things which 99% of people can’t see namely the methods of communication which are an evolution of the “secret broadcasts” which were developed by the BBC in World War II and which are used in particular by the mail.

Admittedly as this is not “live” it is difficult to explain. As was the case when my phone was tapped and the information passed to the mail, when I would post things critical of certain institutions such as GCHQ upon my private facebook account (which acted as a diary), I knew it was being read by GCHQ who then passed on what they read to MI5 who in turn passed it onto Martin Clarke who acted as their communicator. The mail and no other newspaper would as I expected, at the instant where I would make such criticisms of GCHQ or other institutions on my private account, post stories about mental health in a prominent position at the top of the page. Such methods of communication are as I have mentioned an evolution of that which was developed by other media such as the BBC during World War II.

Like with with phone tapping, GCHQ are reading this, passing this onto MI5 who then pass this onto Martin Clarke (or perhaps he just reads it directly in this case unlike my facebook account). If my revelation of publicly available material in relation to a member of MI5 leads to smear stories (given that psychiatric smears cannot work as had previously been the case it would most probably be like Blake’s Seven or Julian Assange as might be indicated given my enhanced perceptual reasoning something which I shall reiterate discounts the possibility of psychosis) by the sudden appearance of the Adam Johnson story as a headline), rather like the hacking by SIS, this would be welcome in that it will help

  1. To provide further evidence of the existence of the real life equivalent of JTRIG.
  2. To prove that the mail publishes smears on behalf of MI5

One might wonder however why Martin Clarke lives in such an ugly house given the fact that he is the editor of mailonline and given the fact that Paul Dacre, the editor of the dailymail, has a multimillion salary package.

I suppose however it is very much true to say in this case that much like dogs look like their owners, so do their buildings and it is an incredibly ugly building.

Perhaps there’s a painting of Martin Clarke in the attic which never changes.

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