Small update

I shall in all probability be uploading my asylum claim this week subject to certain discussions.

This will include 500 references including emails and documents which mostly originate form the college.

I neglected to mention in my last post that sometimes people who work for the royal family also leak, with Paul Burrell being one notable example. MI5 obviously cannot, according to any conclusion that they did acquire information on the royal family which certain parties provided to the papers, be regarded as the source of information in all such instances.

I somehow doubt however that it would have been a butler wold have given information in relation to a member of the royal family to the American intelligence agencies as has been the case. It is more likely to have be done on an official level by a UK agency such as  GCHQ in conjunction with MI5. The Americans would out of consideration for the special relationship would have delegated the task to the Uk agencies.

With regard to it being a party in the palace who ordered intrusive surveillance onto Diana Princess of Wales as a form of “revenge”, this hardly make sense given that they are all subject to intrusive surveillance which for the most part comes from journals such as the Dailymail.


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