How not to run an autism chatroom on IRC (by QC or maybe JTRIG)

As part of the leaks by Edward Snowden, it was revealed that a group known as the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group which is part of GCHQ infiltrate forums and chatrooms and amongst other things warp online discourse.  In this respect, I was given a death threat on the part of GCHQ and the NSA in 2015 on an IRC chatroom known as wrongplanet which is allegedly there to support those with autism. This is in addition to other death threats.

The ops did not take action except to back up the person making the threat. In fact when I have reported harassment, they have very much backed up those agencies.

This seems an odd thing to do for an autism support channel in that it presumably exists, in some respects at least, to support people who have experienced harassment and not to support those doing the harassment, namely the authorities. To be frank treating those who have experienced harassment in this way is not dissimilar in terms of the mentality to the way in which the authorities in Ireland protected those Catholic priests responsible for child abuse or indeed the attitude of the public

The continual blaming of the Catholic church for sexual, physical and emotional abuse ignores the fact that the attitude of the authorities and the public towards those subject to emotional and perhaps physical abuse is much the same as it was in the past.

Of particular concern is the fact that they won’t in addition discuss the science in relation to autism. Given the fact that many of the channel operators originate from the United States, I am not confident that the United States is a place of scientific or personal liberty and discounted that possibility.

Although there are no indications that the channel owner of Aspergers on Snoonet works as part of JTRIG, his behaviour is not inconsistent with what has taken place in other wrongplanet which appears to have taken place under the auspices of JTRIG.

I have taken some screenshots of the chat which occured tonight and will comment upon them. I am Bangor and QC is the channel owner of an autism support chatroom.


QC doesn’t even glance at the link, immediately starts calling me “crazy” instead of providing constructive criticisms.


He says he is illiterate essentially which is OK but that I am crazy. I respond that his bias towards diagnosing me as “crazy” is a sign of the thing he is accusing me of. I try to point out to Arkesis that he is intelligent and might like to read.


A_D another op backs up the channel owner


QC is not OK with me sharing a copy of this (well that’s tough don’t be such a dick) and says he can do whatever he want. I say why not be racist, to which he cannot make the association with autism related prejudice which he is displaying


Note that QC was the first to insult yet other posters are keen to back him up. QC continues to insult and people say nothing. I did not study with Professor Simon Baron Cohen but did nonetheless form a project with him.


Much the same. QC is advertising a chatroom which supports those with autism. He does the opposite.


I get abusive with QC.


And QC bans me. These individuals mostly come from the US which isn’t exactly encouraging. In fact as I stated it was rather dissuasive..

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