How to get through customs with sensitive materials (And how this relates to the Daily express and their obsession with Princess Diana and Madelaine McCaan)

As I have stated, there is no true understanding of enhanced perceptual reasoning and its important implications for societies in the west due to the psychiatric establishment’s reliance upon subjective determination of psychiatric conditions. Intelligence agencies would furthermore be liable according to present policy to view such abilities as a problem in that they pose a threat to human systems of surveillance which are being concealed.

Those with enhanced perceptual reasoning are of course more often than not blessed with excellent memory and can see patterns and details. Rather like Nunez in HG Wells novel Country of the Blind, it is not a case of “seeing things which aren’t there” but “seeing things which others cannot see”

This is quite a useful ability should one wish to get through customs with some sensitive materials which one would wish to conceal. Without meaning to sound disrespectful, it is not as if the average customs officer in the west will be able to see the significance of patterns and details in certain situations and in addition, they are not blessed with telepathy which enables them to read someone’s memory. Furthermore their superiors would no doubt regard any such abilities as a threat as I outlined in my first post.

Before coming to Moscow, I was aware that I had been subject to computerised network exploitation (aka hacking) and that the main archive had been deleted and that should I reconstruct it it was likely to occur again even if it were encrypted. I did however have several backups of all the material but felt that it would be best if those backups were to have documents with insignificant names and were to be arranged (with several copies) in a disorganised manner with several backups spread across several disks. I would also have to remember quite a fair bit.

This I felt would lead customs officers who would have average perceptual reasoning upon any potential inspection (as had been the case on the frontier between Belarus and Poland in September 2015 when I was detained by the Polish border guard who proceeded to inspect my computer) to conclude that it was “Junk” and this is indeed what occurred before the reassembly of my archive in Moscow.

For the customs officers, it is a case of seeing “not seeing things which are there” rather than “seeing things which aren’t there” because they cannot see things which those with EPR can see.

In many ways the method which I used is not unlike the one whereby the British Ministry of Defence exported arms to Saddam Hussein in the early nineties except for the fact that that attempt was not all the well concealed.

Of course this does not does not apply to for someone with an excellent memory and EPR and one might conclude that this presents a problem to authorities in the west given that this lack of ability in this respect and fear of such abilities in that it threatens their systems of surveillance presents a challenge. As I have proved, that fear of such abilities threatens one system of surveillance, which is customs.

So at the moment, it’s very easy to get sensitive materials through western customs and there is nothing they can do about it.

I should state that Russia and other non-western countries are not presented with such a problem given the fact that they have no need to ensure that on a general level, the public are unaware of certain systems of surveillance. From what I understand and have witnessed, they are fairly blunt and open about such matters.

As regards how this related to the Daily Express and Princess Diana, I should perhaps explain. The Daily Express along with some extent the Dailymail publishes is renowned for covering conspiracy stories regarding the death of Princess Diana. it is known for this reason as the Di-ly express. This is also mixed in with the Madelaine Mccaan story

One might ask why this is the case. I would imagine that it is not improbable to suggest that the editor of that newspaper is employed by or has links with MI5 and the “Junk” stories concerning Diana are in fact an effort by the intelligence community to promote a situation whereby any real revelation concerning the death of Diana will be associated with the Daily Express and such conspiracy stories. In other words were to state the truth and state “This is what happened to Diana”, the other person would yawn and state “you sound like the daily express”.

For the truth to be concealed, you just hide it in a load of nonsense and junk news although someone with a high level of PR would be able to see this as well as its significance

Why they should go to such efforts would lead one to suggest that there is in fact something to conceal although I would wish to state that the death of Diana is not something I will be covering.

Dailymail 18:16 GMT 24th of April 2017

In a similar manner, the mail (and indeed others unusually) have published a story concerning MI5 and involvement in the Madelaine McCann story.  I would suggest that it is not unlikely that they would wish my suggestion of underhand dealings by that organisation to be associated in the publics mind with these conspiracy theories, thereby leading the allegations to be discounted.

This is rather difficult however given the definitive links between the mail and MI5 and the fact that a member of MI5 is involved in underhand dealings, one Martin Clarke, who is its editor.

If anyone thinks PR can be ignored, then to be quite frank they need their head examined.

UPDATE: Although this might be unrelated, just after publishing this story at 21:00, the story about MI5 and Madeleine McCann has been removed. GCHQ of course read this pass on this to MI5 and thence onto Martin Clarke who publishes stuff on their behalf.

Dailymail 21:02 GMT 24th of April 2017

UPDATE: As of Tuesday the 24th of April, all the newspapers have started covering Maddie even though it is not so significant a story to merit such coverage before the anniversary. This is perhaps an effort in the part of MI5 to cover up the revelation which I made that that story is perhaps used to cover up another story. They are perhaps attempting to achieve this by increasing the ratio of disinfo to info and by pretending the Maddie story which is hardly ever covered in the more serious journals but which strangely now isis, is not used by a tool by MI5 through the express.

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