An example of JTRIG at work on the wrong planet IRC chatroom?

Part of the work of JTRIG is to have posters go onto chatrooms to sometimes chat with people. I don’t want to read too much into things and to suggest that a particular poster called benion works for JTRIG but his conversation is to some degree suggestive of such an employ and one must in addition make allowance for the fact that those who go to Cambridge are very indirect when making such suggestions. In fact this indirect manner is  rather maddening at times.

I should however perhaps point out that I do have an offer of a degree which was made  in 2015 on this chatroom which I will show at the appropriate juncture.

He just happens to be on the chat and may potentially be attempting to make a deal and to lure me back. (My name is Jeddtheobscure)

  1. Talks about what is known to be an interest of mine, neuroscience in that it just so happens that the attempted theft of my work in relation to this was a major reason for the harassment. It was known that I wished to work in this area with Professor Simon Baron Cohen.
  2. Overlooks the harassment which took place under the auspices of GCHQ at the college and seems more concerned that I rejected the degree.
  3. Says he went to a college in which I expressed an interest in and was used as a picture on a previous facebook profile, Churchill.
  4. Is in all probability a fake because he states he did his masters first and then an undergraduate degree. In addition he got a double first in a single honours degree which isn’t possible as far as I know.
  5. Another poster makes a vague reference to depression as part of this conversation which may be suggestion that I might like to be diagnosed as such.
  6. When i point out that depression involved cognitive disfunction and pose a not so indirect question in relation to whether he is part of JTRIG, he stops talking and won’t respond to me any longer.A01A02A03A04A05A06A07A08A09A10A11

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