The old boys network at Cambridge

Stephen Fry has recently been talking to the Cambridge tab about mental health which is interesting in that he told victims of child abuse that they would get “none of his sympathy” “grow up”. Although he later apologised, such an attitude is revelatory as to how he views abuse. This is of course the same Stephen Fry who was friends with Dr Paul Hartle, senior tutor at St Catharine’s College as can be seen in his latest autobiography, so forgive me if I regard his views on mental health as particularly suspect.


The Evening Standard has recently given a puff piece to Hermann Hauser, two days after my post in relation to his apparent involvement in bribery and corporate spying which of course is read by GCHQ, as would be expected given the domain name.

The fact that Dr Hermann Hauser founded the biggest IT company in the UK, ARM Holdings and is regarded as the founder of “the Cambridge phenomenon” would mean that his reputation was one which the intelligence services would seek to protect and the government would become involved. He has been known to the government after all for a while.


The editor of that newspaper is one George Osborne, Former Chancellor of the exchequer, who apparently made some arrangements with regard to Uber which were not regard in the best light.

Perhaps this sudden need to see him in the best light is why he got a KBE all of a sudden, a mere thirty years after that of Sir Clive Sinclair, whose reputation and achievements are not as highly regarded as those of Dr Hauser. One might have expected that Dr Hauser would get a knighthood first.

Again if he was unaware of what has gone on during and since the period in Cambridge in relation to the harassment, given the evidence, perhaps he should let me know.

Again I would wish to reiterate that the full details of this will be uploaded at a later point

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