How I do not work for an intelligence agency but nonetheless have information which pertains to British intelligence as proved by INTERPOL.

A problem which I have at times been faced with particularly in the initial stages is that in attempting to go to or to stay in Russia, efforts have been made to prevent this by passing disinformation which has at times led some people to believe that I am somehow a spy and am not trustworthy. I do not have such problems at present but feel that attempts might be made to spread such disinformation as seemed to be intimated to me by someone to whom I spoke yesterday.

Such usage of disinformation is to be expected as a means of preventing me from staying and is par for the course when it comes to western  intelligence agencies as can be seen with the fake news used against Russia such as the allegation that they are protecting the Syrian government who used chemical weapons.

Another indication of interference is the fact that the other domain name for this website is being subject to a Ddos attack (given that I still possess that domain name) which is (a rather futile) attempt to prevent others from helping.


The main reason why I felt I should write this blog is that many of the people whom one encounters as part of immigration have in the initial stages proceeded on the basis that this disinformation is true, as would be expected. Given the fact that I need to stay and the fact that I have no means of communicating this in daily encounters, I need to explain why, when matters are looked at using reason and logic, this cannot be seen as being true even if at present such disinformation is not beleived in that certain individuals will beleive it. There is other information on this blog but this either refers to current events which means due to the issue of timing I must comment on them or to things which are already known.

The disinformation which the Russian border guard at Moscow airport found as part of a background check on the INTERPOL database to the effect that I have an American passport (untrue) and that I was arrested in the Ukraine ( I had never been to the Ukraine and have never been arrested anywhere) was meant to suggest that I work for an intelligence agency.

In fact as I shall explain the claim that I work for an intelligence agency proves the opposite in that I am not working for an intelligence agency. It does also prove that I nonetheless have information which will need to be supplied as part of a refugee claim something which they would wish at all costs to prevent. This fact that they have used disinformation has in fact proved helpful and I will be using it as evidence.

It is true to state that I was a student at St Catharines College, where students are invited in the hope or expectation that they might work for GCHQ and it might reasonable therefore to claim that I work for an intelligence agency. The fact that I do not work for any intelligence agency but do nonetheless have information can be proved in the following manner

  1. The case of Jock Kane, former employee of GCHQ, shows that people who aren’t members of GCHQ and do not work for intelligence services can in fact gather information from that organisation because of the laxness and corruption which existed and which still exists within that organisation.
  2. The fact that disinformation has been put on the database to the effect that I work for the CIA presumably on the basis that I have American citizenship (which I obviously deny in that I was told that I was banned for ten years) and that I have been arrested in the Ukraine is not the first such instance whereby it has been claimed that I am working for such an intelligence organisation. I did for the sake of completeness go to the Ukraine but only after this allegation and only in transit although I did take a bus from the airport to the main station in order to take a sleeper train to Transistra in that one does not require a visa for that particular part of Russia. I change my mind and elected to go back to Belarus
  3. It was the case also that in Canada, it was suspected that I worked for the CIA on the basis that I noticed when I was under surveillance and who was doing the surveillance. This ignores the fact that my level of enhanced perception means that I do not in fact need any training in that respect. It is rather a presumption to conclude that one has to be trained for certain aspects of that role and that any such abilities cannot be in fact natural
  4. It was also the case in France in 2016/2017 it was suspect that I was working for the CIA on the same basis from a person. It might also be the case that my attempted entry to Belarus in September 2015 was refused on the same basis or on some other smear.
  5. Furthermore when I was in the hospital in 2014, the insistence that I apply for SIS only came as a result of my activities online which are partly outlined and the thought that I somehow was communicating with the Americans with their say so via a Geo social networking application. This seems ridiculous in itself in that I was communicating on this very computer via OSX in a not very well encrypted connection. It was because I went to the embassy whereby I was told essentially to get lost but on which basis (and on the basis of my pretense that it was otherwise) SIS concluded they needed to do a deal and sent Julia to try to recruit me.
  6. The fact that in all these cases my “cover” has been blown must make one wonder as to how it can be concluded that I work for any intelligence agency in that a central requirement of working as an intelligence officer is that one’s cover should not be blown. It does kind of rule out any such employment.
  7. Furthermore the fact that I am on the autistic spectrum does seem to discount the possibility of working within HUMINT roles in that a high level of emotional intelligence which is a deficit within autistic spectrum conditions is a central requirement of such roles. I stated as much and MI6 would appear to have agreed  in recent recruitment efforts.
  8. The fact that this information which would not appear to have originated from the US in that a government would not go round saying “Our national works for our secret service” to a foreign intelligence service but would have originated from the UK intelligence agency would appear to suggest that there is a reason such disinformation is being provided.
  9. As I have not and do not work for any intelligence service, the reason must be that I nonetheless have certain information which they have leaked (as was the case at Little Sai Wan). They wish to dissuade Russia from proceeding with an asylum application and from me being in a position whereby I will have to supply necessary information by claiming that instead I am supplying disinformation as part of my “role for the CIA”. This is to damage the interests of myself but more importantly Russia.
  10. It is the case that I had an interest of which I was not entirely certain, given my low Emotional Quotient and given the relationships between the UK and the USA, in working for the CIA in some capacity. This possibility should be discounted for reasons outlined elsewhere, most notably
    1. The events during my detention in a Canadian detention centre in Laval.
    2. The lack of help with regard to harassment by the RCMP and the silly and officious manner of the American border guard at Stanstead in August 2016 despite the fact that their computer systems might appear to have been subject to CNE on the part of the British,
    3. The lack of real assistance when dealing with harassment by British Intelligence even though it affects American intelligence,
    4. The banning from America for ten years until completion of paperwork,
    5. The Trump dossier and other smears which led to me disregarding my fear of looking at any material relating to Russia and to a rather quick “glasnost” change in perspective with regard to foreign relations,
    6. The fact that they wish (despite my naive expectations) to conceal the usage and abuse of methods of HUMINT which is in complete contradiction with the wish to promote freedom around the word
    7. Most importantly the fact that “my cover” has been blown
  11. It can be interpreted that I have received communications from the CIA, all of which are publicly available and which were read by other intelligence agencies, as part of a recruitment attempt. In order to come to such a conclusion however, it must be accepted that my interpretation of such communications is not at fault and that I am not somehow pscyhotic. For that to occur the conclusion that EPR cannot occur in someone with psychosis needs to be accepted. One might to bear in mind that the RCMP would appear to have interpreted those messages in the same way and formed a judgement that I worked for the CIA. They had access to them all and can only have come to that conclusion on the basis of the same interpretation of materials. I can show all those materials.

EDIT: AS I have been writing this blog, GCHQ who are obviously reading this have posted a tweet which may perhaps be a comment to the effect that they believe I am somehow sunk.


It is not a comment upon the sinking of a Russian intelligence ship given that

  1. This was reported at 9:24am EDT by Reuters
  2. GCHQ tend to make anti-Russian comments through MI5 and the mail

If one reads it as not being coincidental to my post, this proves

  1. How self-unaware they are in that it appears to provide confirmation of the fact they were responsible for the disinformation.
  2. The fact they view me as an enemy and, as has been the case, are not willing to compromise but expect obedience.
  3. The NSA paid £100 million to GCHQ during the years 2009-2013. Presumably such arrangements are still in effect and GCHQ are paid money which they then use to out potential members of the CIA. I’m sure the US regards as money well spent.
  4. The fact that the special relationship is not in the US interest.
  5. The fact that they are keen to use the money provided by the US to affect US interests despite the adverse effect this would have upon the UK. This signifies that GCHQ are concerned with protecting GCHQ and not the national interest given other issues which are to detrimental to national interest.
    1. The effect of Brexit upon the UK,
    2. The fact that they are very much at the back of the queue when it comes to trade with the US
  6. How GCHQ are unaware of the way things stand namely “I do not have such problems at present but feel that attempts might be made to spread such disinformation as seemed to be intimated to me by someone to whom I spoke yesterday.”

EDIT 2: It could very well be a case of buyers remorse but the evidence which I have not uploaded points to the involvement of Amadeus Capital partners as the people who financed GCHQ as well as other intelligence agencies into harassing me into handing over my work. Such agencies do steal intellectual property

Moreover, Dr Hauser and the college which is a recruitment centre for GCHQ have certain links

  1. Dr Hauser used to drink with Dr Philip Oliver at the baron of beef pub
  2. Dr Hauser made a large donation to the University and his son, Michael was invited to study at the college.
  3. The former master of the college, Professor Dame Jean Thomas was friends with Dr Pamela Raspe through the Biology faculty.

It just so happens that a partner in that firm Alex Van Someren who went to Eton but did not go to University is not only friends with but works alongside the former head of GCHQ, Sir Iain Lobban.

He posted the following on his twitter feed not long after I posted this blog. Given the fact that

  1. I have just stated that why I won’t work for the NSA or the CIA on their twitter pages
  2. There are links between Amadeus and GCHQ.
  3. Dr Hauser is a national champion and the intelligence services work to protect such individuals

It is a significant coincidence and a potential invitation to ask for investment


I think it is fair and reasonable for me to raise this issue given the timing of his post. He should deny what I state in that I am someone who might be regarded as performing a citizens arrest or at least doing the function of the police. The British do not have the “right to silence” after all and the reference to this right is as as follows

“You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”

EDIT 3:  At 12:47 Moscow time on the 28th of April, someone phoned immigration to ask for some forms, GCHQ then posted the following tweet.123542334.jpeg

On the balance of probabilities, especially given the domain name, the fact that the phone call and the post occurred in the same minute is a message to the effect:

  1. That phone call was monitored by GCHQ
  2. There will be interference in the asylum case as there has been previously
  3. I should give up and go back the United Kingdom and accept money from them. Bearing in mind the need for plausible deniability and the indirect method of communication, an offer of a bursary would not have been made directly.
  4. We don’t give a damn about the law.
  5. We don’t give a damn about the US given that we have not learnt from our disinformation campaign.

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