JTRIG, Alan Rusbridger and Lady Margaret Hall.

I have been looking at the Lady Margaret Hall(LMH) twitter feed to see if there were any messages which might potentially be interpreted given my high degree of perceptual reasoning as aimed in my direction particularly given the fact that GCHQ amongst others have attempted to do this.

It just so happens that the principal of that LMH is none other than Alan Rusbridger, former editor of the guardian. There was perhaps a slender chance I felt that that college might support me against the intelligence agencies.

He might be regarded given the Snowden revelations as someone who supports whistleblowers but in my case this does not seem likely. I must bear in mind that that newspaper during his editorship has not responded to a single email which I have sent.

No doubt this is because Alan Rusbridger or someone at the guardian has heard the allegation that I stalked Michael Hauser Raspe, which is true in so far as it in reaction to him and others stalking me and in so far as it was an attempt to get him to leave me alone. But then it’s not as if any criminal prosecution is likely given that

  1. MI6 through an agent known as Julia Peterson said that I would be perfect for the organisation of the basis of what I did.
  2. The police threw me out of their station when I tried to show them some of the evidence and wanted to compromise.

Julian Assange is of the opinion that he was pressured by Glenn Greenwald into publishing the Snowden documents and that his newspaper screwed Edward Snowden.


Furthermore, he does not seem to imply that Alan Rusbridger tricked him into coming to the UK and being responsible for his detention.

I must also bear in mind that at Lady Margaret Hall, there is Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller former head of MI5 as well as Lilian Pauline Neville-Jones, Baroness Neville-Jones,  a former chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) and former Minister of State for Security and Counter Terrorism. Whilst it cannot be said to be a recruitment centre like St Catharine’s given that women were not allowed to work for the intelligence services of the UK until very recently, it does nonetheless have a high pedgree in respect of supplying people who are suitable for the intelligence services.

I should perhaps add that I posted the following on my facebook page on the 13th of April. It excludes an irrelevant conversation about the intercept and I have glued the top half and the bottom half of the post. afwwfa

It might be coincidence but Alan Rusbridger has made mention of someone who worked for the intelligence services and who went to LMH on his twitter feed. He could theoretically be regarded as someone who acts as a recruiter under cover of being left wing. Fellows acting as recruiters for the intelligence services is of course standard practise within Oxbridge colleges. He was moreover keen to state how patriotic he was in a recent parliamentary select committee and there are such situations where a poacher turns gamekeeper.


GCHQ and other agencies are aware of which twitter feeds I follow. There aren’t that many (43 I think) and they do run a department known as JTRIG, which to put it in fairly broad and simple terms, tries to infiltrate the internet by using agents to post and to follow particular individuals who are deemed to be a threat and to post messages aimed in their direction. The Dailymail have used the same techniques.

One of the people whom I follow is Suzie Dawson who is also currently in Moscow. The following just appeared on her twitter feed. Note the LMH Assange tweeter to whom she responds.


It could of course be

  1. A coincidence
  2. A message to the effect that unless I agree to go to LMH and be recruited by the intelligence services, I will be charged with stalking
  3. A message to the effect that they are aware of the stalking and that I would be protected.
  4. Intended to make me discredit myself by claiming that I am receiving messages in an attempt to claim that I am pscyhotic.

Apparently if I had assented, I would be working for “Queen and Country” which is laughable and an outdated notion given the way things work. I would in fact, if anything, be protecting the agency; one of the people in their employ has in fact done the opposite of protect the queen which is to be expected given that as an agency, they most certainly do not protect the queen.

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