The careers officer appears to warn me about Acorn

22 years ago, I went at a school called Oxted school where I wasn’t particularly minded to study. I did not even know what a university was at the time and the school was very much aimed towards that. I was however very much into Acorn Computers which was founded of course by none other than Dr Hermann Hauser. I used to visit a shop called the datastore which was in Bromley on a weekly basis. The then IT officer at the school, James Manson, not knowing about autistic spectrum conditions, took umbrage about my fixed interest.

It just so happens that given my lack on interest in things academic, I was given an appointment to see the careers officer. In this meeting, I stated that I would like to study ARM assembly because I felt (correctly) that ARM was going to be a big company

It may be nothing but the careers officer stated that I might like to be concerned about potential theft of my work and mentioned that this had happened to the person who had written some database. It was in retrospect an odd and telling thing to say given that

  1. ARM assembly does not involve the development of software applications but deals more with hardware on a more basic level and doesn’t insofar as I can tell involve anything that can be “stolen”.
  2. It is an odd coincidence given the fact that when I actually went to Cambridge, after warnings that this would be attempted, Dr Hermann Hauser is alleged to have instigated the harassment of myself in relation to work which he apparently would like but which isn’t in fact er written down.
  3. There was an admission of corporate spying (i.e. stealing other people’s work) made in the Numitas meeting involving people involved in the famous Sinclair/Acorn battle

It might appear that it is well known that what was attempted with me was attempted with others. One might therefore like to ask what actually happened with regards to the original contract for the BBC computer literacy project and whether everything was above board, particularly given the allegations that certain libellous bits were removed with reference to the Micro Men docudrama, which involved the famous Sinclair/Acorn battle in the 1990s.

Another issue was the fact that despite the collapse of Acorn Computers had in the intervening period between school and university still read about matters on a daily basis in relation to Acorn and Riscos, the operating system which was used and is being developed.

It might be considered strange that 15 years later, I should be invited to an interview at a college where the son of Dr Hermann Hauser, Michael Hauser Raspe was studying and was for reasons which I will reveal at another time given a place on the basis of a matriculation offer which was entirely undeserved. Michael was of course at the time into drug and alcohol abuse as can be seen from his own admission.


In fact Corpus Christ Oxford not unreasonably ran a mile when they interviewed me. In the first week however Michael was extremely keen to be friends with me, almost as if he was expecting me.

It isn’t however strange, the college is as I mention a recruitment centre for GCHQ and it is not unreasonable to suggest that my college choice should be allotted based upon my browsing history given the fact that GCHQ run a program called “Karma police” which stored the browsing history of all UK subjects.

As I have stated however, it was not the reason why I was accepted which had to do with something I mentioned in the interview.

The similarity however between Tobias Vaughn in the Patrick Troughton Doctor Who story The Invasion and Dr Hermann Hauser is quite striking and I’ve only just noticed this. In fact they even look the same.









It’s not the only similarity; one is a megalomaniac who founded a microelectronics firm which supplies all the worlds micromonolithic circuits and is supported by a bunch of inhuman killers and is in a situation whereby the people trying to fight him end up going to Russia. The other founded a microelectronics firm which supplies all the worlds micromonolithic circuits and is supported by a bunch of inhuman killers whereby the person trying to fight him goes to Russia.

If it is libellous or in otherwords untrue to state that Dr Hauser instigated the theft of my work (which it doesn’t appear to be), then I shall of course withdraw these statements and er pay compensation which I don’t have. It should be remembered however that the only thing of value I do have is my project and were I apologise for incorrectly stating that he was trying to get hold of my project, he would get hold of my project which would mean that it would be correct that he was trying to get hold of my project and that such an apology would be unnecessary.

With regard to Doctor Who, whilst studing for my SAT exam recently, I thought I might find something amusing in order to relax. I thought therefore I might watch another story from the same season called “the Krotons” in that the monsters talk for some strange reason for Birmingham accents and the episodes can be said to pass for the science fiction version of Eurovision.

The plot of the Krotons involves a race of people, called the gonds who have been subjugated by a controlling group (the aliens who speak with Birmingham accents, Birmingham being only 50 miles away from GCHQ’s headquarters in Cheltenham) who select individuals with high intelligence through an exam on the basis that they are a threat and then cull them, something which is not dissimilar to my situation.

Oh and there is a forbidden zone where the gonds are not allowed to go, which might be said to refer to America as it was then and Russia as it is now.

I didn’t think about this before selecting the episode but GCHQ took much offence and subjected me to electronic interference through amplification of the neighbours wifi and ARP spoofing.


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