The American (and British) concept of freedom of scientific expression

I don’t wish to sound disparaging but when one imagines the United States, unlike the Uk which is definitely concerned with considerations of class above all else, one has the impression that it is very much about freedom of speech  in the scientific sense.
Perhaps I am wrong but this hasn’t proved to be my experience upon encountering those from the US. Without wishing to denigrate those universities to which I applied and without meaning to sound impatient, it was sadly not the case that anyone deigned to be direct through an email or a comment upon this blog and to state that my claims might in fact be true. This is even though the conclusions which I reached might merit such a response if they are true.
Admittedly one should not necessarily expect such things in the application process or even now but given certain indications there appeared to be a reticence shall we say.
I feel that this is because of the fact that whilst the conclusions which were reached in the series of essays which relate to those claims necessarily affect the health of that nation, at the same time they affect the human systems of surveillance to which all universities are subject. The later would appear to be considered more important even though they affect they former. Furthermore, it is foolish to expect that this attempt at concealing the conclusions reached in those essays will work.
Perhaps I am wrong (I know I am not though) and they might like to comment.
I also sought such answers because I needed certain guarantees that there would not be a repetition of what occured in Cambridge and beyond and because I needed to know that there would not be an attempt to conceal such research.

Furthermore there would appear to have been an attempt to prevent such a debate on the internet.

There are two such examples today. The first was on theanorakzone forum, which does have some very intelligent people but has the disadvantage that the owner a Mr Richard Callaghan does have a problem with drink and makes rape jokes. I ask whether I can discuss my essays to the mods and receive (for the first time ever) some intelligent responses but I am banned by the forum owner for no reason whatsoever. I am in no way rude as might appear to be the case elsewher.

The second was on the wrongplanet chatroom, which is a place where individuals on the autistic spectrum talk about things which are autism related and as such matters in relation to pscyhology might be discussed. It would be expected however that some of the ops on this chatroom, given my particularly history involving the intelligence services, would work for the equivalent of  JTRIG in the United States, especially given other evidence. Furthermore their behaviour does not do much to dispell that impression in that I wish to discuss things which pertain indirectly to the intelligence services and they resort to dirty tricks.
As people who might appear to work in some sense for the intelligence services, if this is indeed the case, then it rather dispells the impression that there is freedom of speech or a regard for human rights in the United States.
I am slightly provocative (I state there is no freedom of expression in the west which they appear to prove) but only to get people to debate about something important. I am Waes, am told one can discuss psychology and am accused of a number of things which include
  1. Working for the KGB (which hasn’t existed since 1990) because I am in Moscow. I was apparently working for the CIA last month.
  2. Wanting people to click on a link which has spyware or some virus
  3. Providing a link which has a false certificate
  4.  Spreading emails by asking people to click on those links

The mods who seem utterly spineless or complicit go along with this. I’m more than fine with them doing this becuase it proves my point that freedom of scientific expression is not permitted in the west which will of course lead to the decline of the west as is already occuring.

[21:42] == Anon783 [5bcda83a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wrongplanet
[21:42] == Anon783 has changed nick to Waes
[21:42] <Waes> Hello.
[21:42] <Waes> Well that was much expected.
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[21:45] <Waes> Tis very quiet here. It’s nice that the internet is full of engaging discussions 🙂
[21:46] <Waes> Or perhaps there’s just censorship everywhere which is why the west is doing so well
[21:46] <humbot> even raging discussions
[21:47] <Waes> yeah so where does one discuss research on IRC?
[21:48] <humbot> what kind of research ?
[21:48] <Waes> cos wherever I’ve been on IRC or elsewhere, it’s either people can’t be arsed or just erm mucking about
[21:48] <humbot> and messing about in boats
[21:48] <humbot> what an education
[21:48] <humbot> oops did i
[21:49] <Waes> yeah where does one go for discussions about psychology and research
[21:52] <Waes> I’m so glad the west is not declining….
[21:53] == Hrodulf [] has joined #wrongplanet
[21:55] <Waes> hey do you reckon the restrictions on debate have been helpful in that respect?
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[21:56] == geokoh [~minuteman@] has joined #wrongplanet
[21:56] <Waes> I remember all those islamists in the 1990s in the UK and how succesful the legisaltion since then has proved in terms of preventing terrorism…
[21:56] <geokoh> evening
[21:57] <Waes> hello. Where can one have intelligent discussions about research?
[21:57] <geokoh> what type of research?
[21:57] == NumberSix [~NumberSix@unaffiliated/numbersix] has joined #wrongplanet
[21:58] <Waes> psychology
[21:58] <Waes> I’ve been told this isn’t the place
[21:58] <Waes> and wherever I do chat about it, I’ve been told off lol
[21:59] <geokoh> we talk about all subjects here, psychology is our favourite subject here
[21:59] <Waes> well when i talk about my essay, I get told off…
[21:59] == fuz [] has quit [Quit: fuz]
[21:59] <Waes> It’s not as if people go. This is crap because….
[22:00] <geokoh> beware of lots of psychotic trolls here, some people here dont like to talk about certain things because it offends them
[22:00] <Hrodulf> I’ve noticed that
[22:00] <Waes> well it’s to help autistic people…
[22:00] <Hrodulf> For instance we’re not allowed to talk about religion or politics for some reason
[22:00] <Waes> is that an op thing…
[22:00] <Hrodulf> But people seem to talk politics anyway
[22:00] <Hrodulf> sometimes
[22:00] <geokoh> no just psychotic inividuals
[22:01] <Fieldy> both subjects result in repeat drama and fighting, it gets out of hand almost every time
[22:01] <Fieldy> there’s other chans for that
[22:01] <Waes> pscyhology research OK?
[22:01] <geokoh> this is true, the rules are not to infalme people here
[22:02] <Waes> That’s my research. Are there any flaws? Constructive criticisms are more than welcome
[22:02] == humbot [~i@unaffiliated/humbag] has quit [Quit: oops]
[22:03] <Waes> I offered a mobile phone on a forum just now if someone could answer but got banned by the forum owner who is a drunk
[22:03] <katesmith> hello Waes
[22:03] <Waes> hello katesmith
[22:04] <Hrodulf> I’m suspicious about clicking strange links in irc channels.  could you give a summary?
[22:04] <Waes> it’s a wordpress post and its erm 2000 words lol
[22:05] <Waes> but don’t be suspicious
[22:05] == fuz [] has joined #wrongplanet
[22:05] <katesmith> hello fuz
[22:05] <Hrodulf> When I tried to load it I got an error message and it said i was not recommended to open it
[22:05] <fuz> hihi katesmith
[22:05] <Waes> oh certificates?
[22:05] <Hrodulf> maybe
[22:05] <Waes> Hrodulf
[22:05] == hummocks [~weechat@unaffiliated/humbag] has joined #wrongplanet
[22:05] <katesmith> hello hummocks
[22:06] <Waes> Hrodulf? Try from there
[22:06] <Waes> It’s the first article
[22:06] <katesmith> i am going to watch more tv
[22:06] <hummocks> good evening
[22:07] <geokoh> hiya hummocks
[22:07] <Waes> Hrodulf Well You’re the only one so far. Do you mind me asking what country you’re in?
[22:07] == Hrodulf []
[22:07] ==  realname : …
[22:07] ==  channels : #wrongplanet
[22:07] ==  server   : [Montreal, CA]
[22:07] == End of WHOIS
[22:07] == Hrodulf []
[22:07] ==  realname : …
[22:07] ==  channels : #wrongplanet
[22:07] ==  server   : [Montreal, CA]
[22:07] == End of WHOIS
[22:08] <Waes> it’s odd because it’s just you…
[22:08] <Hrodulf> I can’t explain that
[22:09] <Waes> Have you tried Bit slower but it’s article number 1
[22:09] <hummocks> clickarickaroo
[22:09] <Waes>
[22:09] <hummocks> wth general central headquarters is that ?
[22:09] <Thete> Waes: he’s in NY
[22:09] <Hrodulf> i don’t think I want to click these links anymore
[22:10] <Waes> we like discussing psychology. lol
[22:10] <geokoh> i think is a troll
[22:10] <Waes> me?
[22:10] <geokoh> same old troll that come here, under different nicks
[22:10] <Thete> geokoh: agreed
[22:10] <geokoh> constantlly changing personalities
[22:10] <Waes> Have you read country of the blind?
[22:10] <Thete> Moscow IP address
[22:10] <Waes> It’s really good
[22:10] <geokoh> uhh
[22:11] <geokoh> i thought so
[22:11] <Thete> Seriously doubt you’re from Russia Waes
[22:11] <Waes> Well I’m a troll because everyone says so
[22:11] <geokoh> propably KGB spy
[22:11] <Waes> yeah definitely
[22:11] <geokoh> dont worry NSA and CIA waches here
[22:11] <Waes> It’s funny how people are afraid of freedom of discussion and psychology research
[22:12] <Thete> There is no freedom of discussion here
[22:12] <Waes> is it just a western thing?
[22:12] <geokoh> i dont like sociopaths
[22:12] <Waes> cos it’s really working out well
[22:12] <Thete> This is not a “safe space”
[22:12] <Thete> heh
[22:12] <Waes> oh so we can discuss psychology research
[22:12] <Waes> without being called a troll 🙂
[22:13] <Waes> Without meaning to be pedantic the KGB hasn’t existed here for 25 years
[22:14] <Thete> Mr Silva
[22:14] <Thete> smh
[22:14] <Waes> is that OK Thete?
[22:14] <Thete> nah
[22:15] <Hrodulf> My guess he is trying to get us to look at something we’re not supposed to.
[22:15] <Waes> psychology?
[22:15] == tilikum [~textual@unaffiliated/tilikum] has joined #wrongplanet
[22:16] == blibi [50d9713b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Quit: – A hand crafted IRC client]
[22:16] <Hrodulf> Well I don’t know since I didn’t open it
[22:16] <Waes> Use tor?
[22:17] <Waes> Is it a new thing in the west to smear people and to shut down debate. i don’t mind. i would just like to know
[22:17] == mode/#wrongplanet [+q *!*@] by BotZ
[22:17] <Waes> Cos you know Reagan and Thatcher supposedly were for that
[22:17] <waterlore> just a passing trend
[22:17] <Hrodulf> Why should I have to use tor?
[22:17] <tilikum> hi
[22:18] <geokoh> hllo tilikum
[22:20] <Hermione> oh di0z came back
[22:21] == LordLionM [uid31081@wrongplanet/lordlion] has joined #wrongplanet
[22:21] == jaggz_ [~jaggz@unaffiliated/jaggz] has joined #wrongplanet
[22:21] <LordLionM> Rawr
[22:23] == NumberSix_ [~NumberSix@unaffiliated/numbersix] has joined #wrongplanet
[22:24] == ketas- [] has joined #wrongplanet
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[22:28] == geokoh [~minuteman@] has joined #wrongplanet
[22:28] == jaggz_ has changed nick to jaggz
[22:29] <tilikum> hi geokoh
[22:29] <geokoh> hiya tili
[22:30] <tilikum> 🙂
[22:30] <Arsanerit> I bought a present for my sister.
[22:30] <tilikum> eat green beans
[22:30] <tilikum> like me
[22:30] <tilikum> Arsanerit what u buy her
[22:31] <tilikum> didnt know you had one
[22:31] <Arsanerit> tilikum: Book, “A User’s Guide to Neglectful Parenting”
[22:31] <tilikum> sounds gimmicky
[22:31] <Arsanerit> She just had her third.
[22:32] <tilikum> congratulations
[22:33] == NumberSix [~NumberSix@unaffiliated/numbersix] has joined #wrongplanet
[22:35] <LordLionM> Arsanerit: hoi
[22:35] == stonelore [~AndChat44@unaffiliated/stonelore] has joined #wrongplanet
[22:36] <LordLionM> stonelore: hi
[22:36] <Hrodulf> I’m pretty pissed off into almost being tricked into opening some inappropriate website, and then a second later try to get into a mmf type of email chain
[22:36] <Hrodulf> I guess I’m just barely stupid enough
[22:37] <stonelore> hi
[22:38] <LordLionM> Hrodulf: How are you
[22:38] <Hrodulf> annoyed
[22:38] <LordLionM> Hrodulf: The observatory says it’ll start raining in next few hours
[22:39] <Hrodulf> I got attacked by this :

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