How not to censor people (by GCHQ and Oxbridge)

GCHQ have shown continuous and arrogant disdain to what I had to say with regards to national security whilst at one of their recruitment centres. I have emails which prove as much but which I do not feel I should show for the moment. They were and are interested in self-preservation and intent on the harassment of myself in order to steal my work and are certainly not interested in national security.

I posted the last of my series of essays which highlight flaws in the systems of surveillance on the GCHQ twitter feed.

Naturally most people might be inclined to think that they would show some form of interest even at this late stage, but as has always been the case, this has always been as such.

In fact as I said would occur, they censored the discussion. My twitter profile is on the left in this case and another profile is on the right. For reference my tweet is the first one on the left.


Cambridge did much the same when I pointed out that they really were not in a position, ethically speaking, to do psychiatriatic research because of the interface which exists between that and the intelligence services at the university. Instead of muting everything I stated, they muted only certain posts in a conversation and not the conversation. As far as I am aware this is not possible for mere mortals and requires special tools which are only available to the intelligence agencies.


As I sat down to eat, GCHQ who have had troubles recruiting people posted an advertisement on their twitter feed asking for people to “protect the computer network infrastructure” against attacks. I’m sure they would not be so foolish or desperate as to ask me to apply given

  1. The harassment
  2. The fact that I have leaked a considerable amount of information in relation to that agency.
  3. The fact that they censor a discussion in relation to national security which is already taking place on an open basis and should be in any case. It is rather like when they censored discussion about the discovery of the computer by Alan Turing for 30 years.

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