“It must be something you did”

Some person whose judgement is altered by drug usage and is always trying to find fault just stated to me “Perhaps the fact that you are being harassed has something to with setting up this website”.

I realise logic given the fact that he is in an mind-altered state would be deficient but it should be obvious that apart from the fact that the harassment began four years ago and the fact that this blog is just two weeks old, that the whole purpose of the website was to highlight the harassment.

He frequently has a habit of making accusations like “You did the hacking yourself” or “You’re making it up” or “You’re imagining it” and then talks over me when I try to explain. He hasn’t even glanced at the website.

I should perhaps state in response to his statement that

  1. No legal recourse has been taken even where I have asked the police whether I have done anything wrong to which they replied “no” and threw me out of the police station
  2. Where it might be argued by some that in some respects I have done something wrong in inventing things to ward off the harassment and which led someone with drug issues and mood swings in decamping to Switzerland, I instead received a recommendation that I should apply to MI6.

Such “victim blaming” is ingrained within the British mindset as can be seen by those who were subject to the following:

  1. Hillsborough disaster
  2. Child abuse in Rotherham
  3. Church secual abuse scandal in Ireland

It should not however be forthcoming from someone who is Russian and who instead defends the United Kingdom instead of his own country. His confusion due to drugs is perhaps understandable as others will relate.

Moreover the following very brief highlights from this blog of what is occuring in the west and what has occured to myself and others would objectively lead one to discount such claims.

  1. How intelligence agencies and their contractors are using methods of intelligence gathering which are similar to those which formed part of COINTELPRO.
  2. Jock Kane, employee of GCHQ complains about the organisation when Sir Arthur Bonsall, graduate of St Catharine’s College, was its head.
  3. How GCHQ and other agencies have immunity from prosecution
  4. Why is it foolish to state that claims of harassment by the intelligence agencies are indicative of mental ill health.
  5. How not to make invent fake news about a Russian threat at Cambridge as part of an attempt to recruit someone to MI6
  6. How not to make a fool of yourself by inventing claims of Russian fake news by MI6 (especially given that you invent fake news about the Russians yourself)
  7. How not to murder your own employees by MI6 and blame the Russians (and the Americans)
  8. Why Cambridge and mental health research are evidently not the best mix (And why I didn’t apply to Yale)
  9. Asylum Claim
  10. How not to threaten to kill people by GCHQ (Example 2)
  11. How not to hack people by MI6 (Updated includes the updated account including audio of the attempt to recruit me)
  12. Some very brief highlights of the harassment which began at St Catharine’s College Cambridge and the way in which it was dealt with

If I was rude to him and eventually told him to f*ck off, it’s because he himself is incredibly rude. In his drug ridden state, he comes out with these conclusions without reading the website, blames me and then just talks over me when I try to explain. It wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility that he would be suited to a position working for Kelvin Mackenzie.

I am entitled within the framework of the law and in response to such harassment to point it out. Keeping quiet or trying to compromise with these people or even blaming yourself for something which is not my fault just invites further harassment. I do not like others who have been in this situation resort to becoming a terrorist and blowing people up but I am instead sometimes less than polite which I think is reasonable.

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