Why the west will inevitably fall

Much as one can admire certain facets of certain countries in the west, it is inevitable that the west, especially the Anglo-Saxon countries, will dminish in international influence of even fall. This is not something I am stating out of malice, although given what I have experienced, I am minded not to be at the very least concerned about the prospect.

The first six essays (1 2 3 4 5 6) must, given the fact that people do not seem to be able to point out any flaws and given the fact that there have been attempts to suppress knowledge of the conclusions reached in those essays, inevitably lead to such a conclusion. It should perhaps be pointed out in case there are those who might like to remedy the situation which is a dubious prospect. This conclusion can be reached for the following reasons.

  1. The existence of those systems of human surveillance is incompatible with the necessity given international competition to take advantage of the abilities of those with an enhanced level of perception. One can argue that the West is at a disadvantage and that the East which does not have such systems with their inherent flaws is not.
  2. One can of course increase the level of disinformation with respect to these systems of human surveillance in order to conceal their existence, but this is very foolish and indicative of a lack of intelligence given the fact that further disinformation in fact provides further proof of the existence of such a system.
  3. One might conclude that they should get rid of those systems of surveillance but this is difficult given that:
    1. Loosening this method of control without anything to replace it and given the fact that there is such a reliance upon this system in order to secure advantage, risks social instability.
    2. in the short and the long term, public awareness of the fact a high level of perceptual reasoning negates the possibility of psychosis, will lead to a similar situation as existed after the fall of the German Democratic republic and the revelation of the methods of human surveillance used by that country.
  4. There is already a reluctance to even confront the issue. It is clear from the attempts at suppression that were I to go to a Western country, those who run this system and thus the respective countries, would attempt at every stage to prevent me from discussing this or would intervene to try and alter the outcome because it would be disadvantageous to their self-interest which as narcissists who are mentally incapable of looking to the common interest is all they are interested in, despite the disadvantages for the respective country in doing so.

In the later respect, I am sure they will use use charm and the lure of certain things which may be regarded as positive in order to lure me away from Russia or else play dead and pretend that things have been resolved. The power behind the throne will stay behind the throne until I return and then will misuse their powers to pretend nothing has happened and will continue to harass me as has occured on previous occasions.

Without a direct statement or a response to the effect that my conclusions are right or at least have some flaw, which there should be no problem in pointing out if I am wrong or if they are interested in resolving the issues and without a direct statement that I have been subject to harassment, I would be foolish to leave. (This is the main reason why I monitor western media to the degree I do)

This is especially true given previous instances whereby I have been mistreated upon my return to the UK and given the fact that I am still being subject to hacking by GCHQ, who aren’t in the least bit concerned about “national security” but their own institutional self-interest. Furthermore, no newspaper has got in touch to respond of even replied to my allegations. Moreover, to give a few names neither Kang Tchou, Dr Paul Hartle, Martin Clarke nor Dr Oliver have in any way disciplined or been subject to any form of criminal inquiry which indicates that there is no intent to resolve the issues.

Given the fact that GCHQ and other agencies are not minded to respond to these essays and in fact try to suppress or brush over the conclusions made and given the fact that the conclusions necessarily affect national security,  these agencies must be regarded as threats to national security. I think it is reasonable to mystified as to what the exact purpose is of these agencies is except to amass power and to be self-serving.

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