Thoughts on the Great Patriotic War

Today I went to the procession which commemorated the victory in the Great Patriotic War (That’s WWII for you westerners out there). After standing in the crowd and trying in vain to get a vantage point in order to see the procession, I eventually chose to visit the nearby Burger King and managed to get a front row seat. It is not often that one gets a front row seat to look at tanks and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile launchers. It is also not often, having come from England, that one gets to see countrymen cheering the armed forces.

I am struck by something however. I feel I should comment upon the notion of facism which in my view was not in fact defeated and continues in another form today. The word facism is of course overused, in particular by middle class pretend socialists who one might meet (and then avoid) at the University of Cambridge, and I am therefore reluctant to use it. Nonetheless it does still exist although not to with respect to things like “wacism”. (Note that’s different from actual racism)

With respect to facism, one should start off by giving the example of the brave Russian sappers who are sweeping Syria for mines, something which only became necessary as a result of the emergence of ISIS, an organisation which itself only became apparent as a result of the attempt by various western countries to impose regime change in various countries in the middle east.

This of course forms part of a failed attempt to run the world on a unipolar basis which has of course had disastrous outcomes in the countries in the middle such as Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lybia, Afghanistan to name a few. Without going into too much detail, I’m sure it’s no great revelation to claim that the attacks on these countries have taken place on the basis of invented threats and it does seem to be the case that in the case of Russia, similar false accusations are being made that it also is some form of threat when it plainly is not. It does seem that an attempt at dominate the world is taking place no matter what the consequences and despite the opposition.

This intolerant view does not just apply to those who attempt to oppose or stand in the way of the attempt to impose unipolarity upon the world, it also extends to the inhabitants of those countries which are intent upon imposing such a view upon the world.

Those who in some way are dissidents or whisteblowers in this and other respects  are subject to electronic and human forms of surveillance and harassment which are similar to but more advanced that those employed by the FBI in the 1960s. This harassment can of course consist of many things but most importantly there is a policy that those who complain about such methods of harassment are deemed to be mentally ill.

In the 1930s of course, the Nazis used to sterilize or kill those who were either mentally ill or who had learning differences. In other words those deemed to be “unfit”.

What occurs at present in countries in the west is in fact worse in that they kill those who are mentally well but who complain about those systems of surveillance. I use the word kill deliberately, because as part of the response, it is government policy to knowingly misdiagnose individuals with conditions such as psychosis and to prescribe drugs which are known to shorten someone’s life as well as worsen their quality of life. It is accurate to describe this as a form of facism.

As today is the commemoration of the victory over facism in Russia, I think it is very important not to forget that this still exists and affects not only the countries upon which there is an attempt to impose unipolarity (such as Russia) but also the countries themselves which are trying to impose it.


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