GCHQ perform an ARP spoofing attack on my devices and block me from posting the video of this on their twitter feed.

I have of course reported the fact that I have been subject to harassment by the intelligence agencies which included hacking by GCHQ during and since the period when I was at St Catharine’s College. Just to reiterate to those who are new to the blog, the college is a location where individuals are (or perhaps were) invited in the hope or expectation that they might work for GCHQ. As a consequence of complaining about the harassment which included hacking, I was detained in a psychiatric ward and later asked to work for MI6.

The thing is there is a video of the latest instance of hacking which has occured in part because I disclosed the aforementioned function of the college as well as the fact that SIS murdered Gareth Williams. It is not as if therefore such claims are evidence of mental illness because there is proof that this is occuring.

This is in addition of course to the previous post where I outlined an ARP spoofing attack whereby through a MITM attack, my traffic was altered and there was an attempt to recruit me to MI6 which smacks of desperation.

When I try and post this on the GCHQ twitter feed, it is rather tellingly censored and , unlike my other posts, does not appear except that is on the profile where I post. The conversation then appears somewhat incoherent perhaps in an attempt to reinforce the effort to discredit me, something which the Joint Threat research Intelligence Group is tasked withdo. This effort takes place with the assistance of professional psychologists which is entirely unethical and rather discredits the profession.

I hope you will forgive the poor formatting but my twitter profile is on the left and a standard profile is on the right. You will see that certain posts do not appear which is suggestive that they have something to hide and that I am telling the truth.

It’s kind of a bit dumb for them to do so because it …






EDIT: Shortly after posting this article which deals in essence with the fact that I am being subject to an unusually intense ARP spoofing attack by GCHQ and censorship as a consequence of, amongst other things, disclosing the identities of members of the intelligence services and revealing that Gareth Williams was murdered, it was reported that the NHS was subject to a cyber attack.

This could of course be coincidental but it is should be considered that this might be a false claim, rather like those in relation to a Russian infiltration, which has been made in order to bury bad news. I understand that wikileaks have revealed the existence of tools, as part of Vault 7, whereby it is possible to attack a country and blame it on hackers or Russians.







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