The British establishment and the Grenfall fire.

This article is a follow on from the last one which and concerns Sir Jeremy Heywood, the cabinet secretary who is named Sir Coverup, by, amongst others, Peter Oborne, a reputable journalist who writes for the mail.

I had initially called Sir Jeremy, Sir Cabinet as a nickname but that is perhaps to dignify him too much and an insult to high class furniture. Furthermore it is a comment upon the innapropriateness of someone like him being called “Sir”.
I should like to point out that he is someone who must have been in the know regarding the fire hazard which caused the deaths (at the time of writing) of 17 people, given his position as what is, to all intents and purposes, the power behind the throne within government and given tbe fact that he has been in such a role or indeed similar ones with such influence for a considerable time.

The minister who was last responsible for fire safety (if there is indeed such a thing where the civil service and Sir Cupboard are concerned) was a Mr Gavin Barwood who after not dealing with the safety issue, lost his seat and was subsequenrty appointed as an advisor to Theresa May. Similarly, other ministers did not deal with issue of cladding which was highlighted as far back as 2009 where there was a fire at Larkanal House in Southall, London.
Furthermore, where residents raised concerns to the company concerned, they were in fact dismissed or threatened with legal action.

One might think that whilst he is most likely not directly responsible for covering up the fire hazard, as someone in his influential position within government and nonetheless set the overall approach to such matters. One might therefore ask whether the approach to government which he has inculcated since becomibg cabinet secretary needs to change and whether it is time for a new broom.

Of particular note with respect to his concern is the fact that on his twitter feed, there is no mention of the awful tradjegy which ocurred at Grenfell tower and this doesnt exactly indicate that he is someone who has the correct ethos within government.

His attitude and concern for such people is not dissimilar to the college where I was stayed for a while, St Catharine’s Cambridge as you can see from their last twitter post which is below and previous to this and since the fire.

It seems rather inappropriate to focus upon such things given the tragedy. It does strike me however that the British establishment generally speaking (of which the college is of course part) are solely concerned about money, power, position and status and could not give a damn about people in such situations.

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