A prediction in relation to the Cambridge Brainfest on the 23/25th of June

Cambridge is having an exhibition called “Cambridge Brainfest” from the 23rd to the 25th of June and one of those exhibits is titled “Perception and Imagination”.

I am therefore going to make a “prediction”. Unlike my prediction in 1995 that ARM Holdings was going to be a world-beater, this seems entirely very obvious.

The speakers at the exhibition will deny on the basis of nothing much if at all a well-established scientific fact as referred to on the Cambridge neuroscience twitter feed that Neuropsychiatric disorders are disorders of cognition and motivation and their interaction

Here is a screenshot of that tweet


With reference to “perception and imagination” they will claim that:

1) Perception has nothing to do with cognition as stated on the Cambridge psychology website:


The premise is in fact obviously untrue because

A) Perceptual Reasoning as a measure of perception is a measure of IQ and thus cognition.

B) It does not provide measures of PR anywhere in the document to which a reference is made. Thus the premise is untrue in that it is not possible to ascertain whether this is the case on an objective basis.

C) It does not address my seven essays which came out after the study and which are available on the homepage.

D) Cambridge Neuroscience agrees with me

2) Won’t acknowledge the fact that psychosis involves a deterioration in perceptual reasoning, won’t provide counter evidence or will skirt around the issue.

3) If they deal with the question, they will say that there are different point of view without pointing out such points of view. This is even though the objective in other words the scientific evidence supports the correlation.

This will occur because of

A) Cambridge’s association with the intelligence services which renders such research rather unreliable

B) My case and my harassment by the intelligence services and the fact that they have to conceal it.

C) CPFT (The local mental health trust) have to deny the science because they helped SIS to try to recruit me.

In this sense, the function of the department and of the university will be not as one might imagine, to advance human knowledge but to instead do the opposite and to misinform the public with junk science because of the need to support the status quo and to protect the power, position and status of the establishment.


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