How two potential investors called Joe and Petunia might think about the European Union and its attitude to economic security, innovation and investment.

For reference, Joe and Petunia featured in a series of British public information films in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

It seems appropriate to bring back these characters to represent the current situation in that it might make enable certain people in positions of responsibility in Europe (who should know better) to understand something which is very basic indeed.

Without economic security, you not only cannot and will not have real prosperity but you also cannot and will not have the things which prosperity affords, such as real (as opposed to proported) influence on an international level and the ability to protect oneself and ones citizens.

And as I am writing this because of  the United Kingdom, it is worth pointing out a lack of economic security for Europe is precisely what the United Kingdom wants.

Joe and Petunia do Europe


Petunia: Hey, I’ve got some money. Should we start a business or invest in the technology sector in Europe?

Joe: No, that’s unfortunately a really bad idea.

Petunia: Oh really, why?

Joe: Well firstly, the British commit corporate espionage upon Europe through a base in Yorkshire called Menwith Hill. They do so on behalf of themselves and on behalf of the Americans.

Petunia: Oh, shouldn’t we inform Europe then?

Joe: They already know but take no action.

Petunia: Why is that?

Joe: Becuase for some strange reason, they wish to be dependent upon organisations like GCHQ for their economic security enen though they steal from them

Petunia: What happens when people complain about what the United Kingdom does, remembering of course that corporate espionage is not just limited to theft but dirty tricks and harassment which occurs within other member states.

Joe: Nothing, itit is worth remembering that European intelligence services have a history of doing the bidding of the United Kingdom in cases where that country harasses an individual who complains about the actions of GCHQ and so on. The European Union is keen to ignore such complaints, and wishes to confirm how subservient it is to the United Kingdom and to, for instance, make reference to disinformation in a manner which perhaps suggests that they are biased in favour of that country even given brexit. Either that or they pretend to deal with the matter but get rid of the difficult term “defence” in the title of an agency which does nothing to defend economic security.

Petunia: Why do they ignore such complaints now, given that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union?

Joe: It might have something to do with the fact that the European Commissioner for security is presently on secondment from an organisation, the foreign and commonwealth office, which he is meant to be overseeing. Sio there is a very obvious conflict of interest. It is also appears to be the case that, as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, GCHQ is doing the hard sell and the EU are falling for it.

Petunia: What other problems are there with regards to making a potential investment in Europe?

Joe: Well the person who is in charge of the European Innovation Council is Dr Hermann Hauser. In addition to these responsibilities, he not only runs two venture capital firms but is by his own admission is into corporate espionage., This is carried out by the very intelligence agencies which are meant to be looking after European security.

Petunia: Isn’t that a bit corrupt and laughable?

Joe: Er yes.

Petunia: What does Europol do in this respect?

Joe: Oh they either focus upon the low hanging fruit, ignoring the elephant in the room, namely the actions of the UK. It is possible of course that they will even claim, given the subservience of europe to the UK with regards to matters in relation to intelligence. that the person who complains about such things is a terrorist or a criminal.

Petunia: What do the national parliaments do about corporate espionage, given that this will involve harassment within their territories?

Joe: Well they go along with what the UK say and bring up the many instances where it was not possible to protect their citizens. Terrorism is of course terrible but not unexpected given how dependent they are upon others who spend more time doing corporate espionage than assisting with regards to the prevention of terrorism.

Petunia: I don’t suppose it matters though given all those european technology firms which currently exist.

Joe: What European technology firms?

Petunia: Oh aren’t there any?

Joe: No, there used to be in the 1980s but they’ve all gone

Petunia: So Europe is not exactly on an upward trajectory in terms of innovation and technology.

Joe: No, not really, in fact up until recently Europe spent more on tobacco subsidies than research and development. This is in addition to the fact that it depends upon others for its energy requirements.

Petunia: So obviously Europe is quite concerned about this.

Joe: No, it is in fact extermely complacent and thinks that the success is judged by the amount of money they spend on innovation, neglecting of course the fact that all the UK and others have to do is steal, given the fact that the EU will do precisely nothing.

Petunia: So the situation in Europe is that, as things stand, an individual from Cambridge, Dr Hauser along with others who mostly emanate from Cambridge, (namely the intelligence services) steal from others throughout Europe on behalf of Dr Hauser to some extent and on behalf of the Americans and British and say how wonderful they are.

Joe: Yes they’re quite sociopathic in Cambridge and rather as was with the case with Jimmy Saville and with the catholic church in Ireland, others are too gullible to notice this. Today, they’re going on about a graduation ceremony at Cambridge as if it is a sign of achievment or indeed something worth having. For this reason and others, I rejected my degree a few years ago. here is a copy



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