GCHQ spy upon a French University for Amadeus Capital Partners.

I happen to have made two applications to a university in France today. The university concerned has as would be expected agreements with universities all around the world (including China) to collaborate in research.

Because of the China aspect (why?), GCHQ will no doubt claim some spurious pretext of “nationality security” as to why my application to this university is a bad idea, a cause for concern and why they should have me and the university under surveillance.

This is quite obviously nonsense on stilts given the fact that

  1. The University of Cambridge with the help of the master of  St Catharine’s college, a centre of recruitment for GCHQ have signed a agreement to collaborate on research with a university in China. Here is a picture of the happy occasion:steps
  2. GCHQ carry out corporate spying on behalf of entities within Cambridge which include Amadeus
  3. Amadeus has investments in China
  4. As I am in France, France should be able to determine if my application is a problem. They don’t appear to think so given the fact that, amongst other things, the prime minister of France has been talking today about businesses setting up shop in China.

The reason they should take such action is for reasons of corporate espionage on behalf of a client and nothing else.

Anyway, one of the applications to the university was rejected unexpectedly soon today. I should like to show the sequence of events on twitter which indicate the fact that GCHQ was aware of rejection and had had the university under surveillance before I received the email.

For reference, I have about 50 or twitter feeds which I follow and not unexpectedly, due to this website amongst other things, GCHQ are aware of what I look at and send coded messages as they have done in the past to me, the existence of which has been revealed in the intercept

.Screenshot from 2018-06-22 18-24-40

At 5:02, Cambridge tweeted about self-employment and starting a business (I wish for reference to do research at university which will make money on a charitable/social basis most probably) and how family support is important.

This indicates an awareness of the contents of the email which was to come in 4 minutes and the rejection which I was to receive for a particular course.

The subtext is you are on your own if you wish to proceed.

The decision by the university would not have been discussed by email most likely given that it’s somewhat slow to get a response and given the speed of the rejection. It would have either been discussed on the telephone or in person. So in others words they had the communication equipment in a France university bugged.

As stated, if you are spying upon someone, it is for a reason and it is evidently not for reasons of national security but for reasons of corporate espionage. And this would necessarily involve a client which would not be Sir Clive Sinclair.

Screenshot from 2018-06-22 18-25-27

At 5:06: The university emails me to say that they cannot accept one of my applications.

Screenshot from 2018-06-22 18-24-55

At 5:10: GCHQ tweet about the importance of European security. This is to make up for the fact that whilst they claim they wish to protect Europe, they employed their surveillance facilities upon Europe for reasons of commercial advantage.

It is like a very bad episode of Hancock’s Half Hour which I shall call “The Sid James Intelligence Service”, a title which aptly described the UK’s real intent with regards to Europe as it tries to stress the importance of its intelligence services as part of the Brexit negotiations.

As I have stated and as the European Commission have been keen to confirm, they are unwilling to protect the economic security of the European continent against corporate spying by a member state which is leaving and which commits such acts on behalf of a company founded by someone who works as part of the European Innovation Council.

And on a perhaps unrelated note, the moment I completed this, Sir Julian King someone who works for the foreign office, an organisation which which carries out the corporate espionage on behalf of Amadeus and who is on secondment to the commission as security commissioner has just tweeted about “radicalisation”.Screenshot from 2018-06-22 22-48-28

Indeed, it is a problem that Europe should have had so many terrorist attacks by those who have been radicalised whilst his employer, which claims that the services it provides are vital to the protection of Europe, chooses to harass me and to carry out corporate spying instead of doing as much.

In respect of radicalisisation, here is a list of terrorist attacks which have occurred in Europe whilst he has been Security Commissioner during which period these agencies have been so focused upon me.

  1. 2016 stabbing of Brussels police officers
  2. 2016 Berlin attack
  3. 2017 Istanbul nightclub shooting
  4. 2017 Orly Airport attack
  5. 2017 Westminster attack
  6. 2017 Stockholm attack
  7. April 2017 Champs-Élysées attack
  8. Manchester Arena bombing
  9. 2017 London Bridge attack
  10. 2017 Notre Dame attack
  11. June 2017 Champs-Élysées car ramming attack
  12. June 2017 Brussels attack
  13. 2017 Hamburg attack
  14. Levallois-Perret attack
  15. 2017 Barcelona attacks
  16. 2017 Turku stabbing
  17. Parsons Green bombing
  18. Marseille stabbing
  19. Kizlyar church shooting
  20. Carcassonne and Trèbes attack
  21. 2018 Paris knife attack
  22. 2018 Liège attack

Perhaps he might like to take action but I doubt it.

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