Why the British and their dependents might be minded to again pass on disinformation through Interpol or Europol and why this is a bad idea.

I have already revealed the fact that,

  1. Dr Hermann Hauser by using agencies such as GCHQ and SIS committed corporate espionage upon me in the United Kingdom as well as Europe.
  2. Those agencies have immunity from prosecution under British law.
  3. Instead of dealing with complaints in relation to those intelligence services, the FCO will attempt to bury such complaints with othes which are arguably less serious and which they only partially admitted to whilst laying most of the blame upon others.
  4. GCHQ attempted to spy upon a French University for Amadeus Capital Partners.
  5. The EU has in effect a colonial relationship with the United Kingsom and its intelligence agencies. 
  6. The EU is as such keen to show that it does not wish to deal with complaints in relation to the United Kingdom and its intelligence agencies even when this affects another member state.
  7. The EU gives a final response to my complaint thus helping to demonstrate why I cannot claim asylum and why they would have no reason to keep me prisoner.

Why do I bring this up? Well

  1. To sum up my situation from the above, Dr Hermann Hauser is into corporate espionage. This has been taking place against myself since the year 2012 and is carried out on his behalf by the intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom which, as part of this effort and amongst other things, smear, lie and torture. One might imagine that their counterparts in Europe might take action but they are in fact subordinate to those within the United Kingdom. They have either turned a blind eye to what their counterparts in the UK are doing to me or else done their bidding. In addition, it is worth mentioning the fact that Dr Hermann Hauser is chair of the European Innovation Council and that the security commissioner for the European Commission is on secondment from the very agency he is meant to be overseeing . To top it all, I have as a result of the actions of the above witnessed and have records of corruption in relation to the British in particular.
  2. It would seem, given this, that there would be no small a reluctance to let me leave and to settle elsewhere.
  3. This is not an unreasonable conclusions given that on at least one previous occasion disinformation was put on the INTERPOL database by members of British Intelligence to stop me settling in a country. This isn’t suprising given that as I have outlined elsewhere British intelligence have a history of lying in my case and that of others. Some examples of this include
    1. Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction on the basis of evidence which they knew to be incorrect.
    2. Michael Flynn had some illicit contacts with a Russian which they did so for the purpose of recruiting me to MI6.
    3. There were some sex tapes on Donald Trump.
    4. Russia was spreading “fake news” when in actual fact they were unable to provide examples of “fake news”.
    5. The Russians killed an alumni of St Catharine’s and employee of SIS when in fact the evidence shows that it it was in fact the British state who killed him.
    6. I had an American passport and had been arrested in the Ukraine which they achieved by putting false information on an interpol database.
    7. Porton Down were certain that the nerve agent came from Russia
    8. The OPCW were unable to state where the chemical weapon originated. Not true because the head of the OPCW stated that it could have come from anywhere

It should be borne in mind therefore that there is the possibiity that the British and/or others who are in league with them might think about supplying misinformation through INTERPOL or EUROPOL as part of an attempt to prevent me from settling elsewhere. That being said, I personally find it difficult to see how they can however (apart from through desperation) given

  1. The above
  2. The fact that neither Interpol nor Europol are enforcement bodies. Countries supply them with information and information is in turn supplied by them to countries. A country chooses whether or not to act on that information. As such, should the disinformation tactic be used by MI6 and co, I would be able to point to the fact that it was not the first occasion this had occurred.
  3. It would be a strange turn of events and one which would discredit all those involved were it to be the case that the British and their dependents were to go to such lengths to defend corruption and corporate spying which takes place at the behest of Dr Hermann Hauser and British intelligence.
  4. The fact that it would not reflect well upon Interpol and/or Europol. I’m obviously not saying that this would occur but Interpol being disbanded before due to individual countries misusing the agency and supplying incorrect information for  political reasons, something which still occurs.

 Update at 14:17

GCHQ who naturally read this blog (given the domain name and content) tweeted the following within 5 minutes of my completion of this article
The fact that they read this, the timing of the tweet and the content with the mention of poppies can perhaps be taken as an indication that I might like to pay homage and go to the United Kingdom because they are minded to pass on disinformation for the umpteenth occasion thus preventing me from leaving.
Which is odd given the above and given the fact that I have never been arrested or charged with anything.
Oh and the French who also read this have tweeted too about “British heros”, showing perhaps how they are in league with the United Kingdom or rather a colony.

Update at 14:42

I felt I should repeat the following which I had written in a previous article given the above. Given the fact that that Europe (and many of its member states) apparently refuses to do what should be expected of a sovereign body which is to protect;

  1. Itself and its members states
  2. The residents in each member state.
  3. The economic wellbeing of itself and each member state.

And instead is more likley to kowtow to the United Kingdom in harassing people for reasons of corporate espionage and corruption, it seems reasonable that I should should be able to choose somewhere which does protect me.

It is potentially the case that there are a couple of responses which would be used to prevent me leaving, which can be broadly categorised as me being “a threat” or “mad”. Neither of these could be described as rational statements.


  1. I am irrational and unwell and “imagining things”, in which case I am not a threat and thus they have no reason to keep me here. One cannot for reference be a “threat” with great skills and be psychotic because *in all instances* of mental ill health, all cognitive skills decline. To conclude otherwise is a statement to the effect that they are themeselves are irrational. Thus any accusation with respect to me runs along the same lines as the argument outlines in the article “Why psychiatrists sometimes diagnose psychosis when they fulfil the diagnostic criteria”.
  2. I am rational and some sort of threat, in which case the member state concerned has to acknowledge what I experienced, given that I was mentally coherent and offer protection, instead of kowtowing to the United Kingdom.

And and its not as if it wouldn’t look slightly untowards if there were such an attempt to stop me under this pretext or others given that this is publicly available and given the fact that it would appear that in the eyes of the word Europe kowtows to the UK and The United Kingdom has a demonstrable record of making up things


Update at 14:59

I mean they could try twisting the arm of a country using foreign aid or resorting to public relations. I happened to be looking at Lebanon as a potential destination, as one can see from my browsing record.

Screenshot from 2018-06-29 14-56-02

GCHQ notice this through Karma Police and, as you can see from the screenshot, less than 20 minutes later make mention of how they have provided money to Lebanon to help with Syrian refugees. In other words it’s a form of public relations/arm twisting exercise to stop me going.

Screenshot from 2018-06-29 14-56-47

It’s potentially of course the case that the EU is attempting the same thing with Nepal, given the fact that they kowtow to the UK and given the fact that this is one of the potential destinations and one of the few countries that I follow on twitter,

It should be made clear however that the indications are far less definite given the interval of timing (which is some 3 days) but it doesn’t seem improbable that this should be atttempted

Screenshot from 2018-06-29 15-52-09

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