Karma perhaps?

The Foreign and Commonwealth office are today advertising a disability conference which they will be co-hosting.

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Given the fact that my complaint to the investigatory powers tribunal was, as would be expected according to the statistical probability of successturned down, the highlighting of this conference can very well be interpreted as an attempt to cover for what has and is still occurring in terms of the harassment of myself by individuals who work for the foreign and commonwealth office. I should wish to emphasize however that I do not view myself as disabled because I am on the spectrum

Such forms of public relations are not unknown amongst the British establishment. It might be said that Jimmy Saville helping the disabled as a cover for his abuse of them is reflective of a culture which he witnessed during his encounters with the establishment.

The reality is of course rather different than they would wish to claim.  No less an organisation than the United Nations has reported that The United Kingdom disregards the rights of those who are disabled

Similarly it can be interpreted that they make mention of how they help people who are refugees in a rather less well-off part of the world in order to cover for what they did to me (given that I claimed asylum) and to others who have been or are in a similar situation.

One can expect this sort of grubby tactic from the British establishment but it does make me rather angry when members of the public of indeed other governments who are nominally independent fall for this.

Having said this, it is perhaps the case that they have more reason to be angry than me.

I have no direct evidence of the following but feel that I should mention it nonetheless.

Whilst I was in Toronto in 2016, as part of a visa application, I sent a registered package containing information pertaining to the corrupt actions of Dr Hauser, his son,  the college, university, intelligence services and Amadeus to the American consulate in Toronto.

I did so because they might wish to know something about me and as to why I needed to leave Canada urgently (the harassment on the part of the FCO had been ongoing there). They received the package of documents on the 30th of June and I will should I feel like it dig out the receipt at a later stage.

Now it is claimed that the purchase of ARM was a side effect of Brexit but one might ask why no other companies were purchased on that basis, subsequent to that purchase.

One might reasonably conclude instead that perhaps having read the contents of that dossier and having noticed less than a week later that Dr Hermann Hauser had been knighted, arrangments were made to “liberate” ARM but without necessarily informing the company which eventually bought it.

Thus, if this is indeed true, it can be said that in addition to the effect of brexit and as a consequence of the decision to carry out corporate spying and to harass me to that end and of the fact that I had to seek a place away from such actions.

  1. The United Kingdom no longer has any large technology companies  and no technology sector worth speaking of and is unlikely to do so in the near future. This should be a concern given how dependent countries are these days on such things for their economic success.
  2. The decisions in relation to technology are going to be made elsewhere. In effect, it’s rather like the decline of the car industry in the 1970s with a good dose of 1950s style complacency.

Whether the above is or is not true is perhaps irrelevant (although there is unlikely to be objectivity about such matters from the United Kingdom or indeed honesty from the United States). I

Only someone who is rather mentally challenged could think it is sane

  1. To be so obsessed with corporate spying upon my person (and to be oddly claiming that I am cognitively challenged as part of this and an attempt to recruit me to MI6)
  2. And to do so at the expense of being in a position to prevent the loss of your important company ARM and the diminution of the UK technology sector as a whole, particularly given the apparent effect of the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, something which Dr Hauser was so unhappy about at the time, he actually bothered to tweet).

If that is indeed what happened, it would also add further proof to my point about the equation about enhanced perception and its consequences and why one can already see the effects of this in action.

I’m sure however that Dr Hauser wouldn’t however mind about my actions under such circumstances given that a month beforehand, he recently stated that he approved of corporate spying which is strange given that one might have thought that he and others would have learnt from Micromen.

Rather amusingly however, whilst I have been writing this and saving the blog along the way, the NSA have tweeted congratulating Australia which given the fact that they will no doubt be reading this, strikes me as rather inappropriate and as confirmation of the fact that the United States “serves” Britain in much the same way as a stallion “serves” a skittish mare.

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