How not to recruit people by MI6 (example 4)

Someone within the last five minutes has accessed various articles on my blog but has not read them.Screenshot from 2018-07-08 21-15-21

The blog might have been accessed for the following reasons.

  1. A random access by someone who came across the website through a google seartch. This would however appear to be improbable given the fact that the above log shows that they have not accessed a single link which is present on the “How not to recruit people to MI6” article (such as a youtube clip of an attempt to, er, recruit me by MI6).
  2. A method of indirectly signalling to me that I might like to say that I claimed asylum because of harassment which happened as a result of the actions of British intelligence. This would be the truth but, if this were what they had meant, they would have just emailed.

There is a third reason which I regard as more probable.. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office through monitoring my internet connection have noticed that

  1. I had booked a ticket to cuba but decided that, amongst other things, it would not be practicable to go there (as things stand) and I have thus decided to cancel the ticket. Here is a copy of the email:Screenshot from 2018-07-08 21-30-45
  2. I downloaded the 1985 film “A Room with a view” which is partly set near to where I grew up and also looked at other material in relation to thisScreenshot from 2018-07-08 21-33-12


  1. the FCO have taken these actions as a signal that I would wish to return to the United Kingdom although in actual fact, my browsing is in relation to a place which no longer exists (or rather a time, the year 1985, which I am reminiscing about because, amongst other things, it was long before the harassment) and that I might like to work for MI6. They think that if this were the case, I would be unable to work on things which interest me and someone else (a competitor, namely a Hauser) will take hold of it. This is a strange conclusion given that an essential part of what they want is already available on this website but for reasons which are understandable from their perspective (and the perspective of all sociopaths) they strangely wish to ignore what they are after whilst attempting to make use of it.
  2. The foreign and commonwealth office have misunderstood the article in relation to MI6 recruitment which they had accessed. They should understand that you do not recruit
    1. by continually badgering someone who has continually stated that they do not work for GCHQ, the security service or indeed MI6.
    2. Someone whom you have been harassing in numerous different ways.
    3. In order to go after something which, as mentioned, you in actual fact do not want.
    4. Where such actions and other forms of harassment might appear to have led to the loss of your last major tech company and the destruction (if that’s the correct word) of any prospect that your country will ever be a true global player in that economic sector.
    5. Where such actions led to a situation (an asylum claim) where I discovered a plot to stop brexit by senior members of the civil service.


Update at 8/7/2018 23:12

At 10:36, I posted this very article at on facebook and did so publicly. Here is a screenshot which shows the time when this occurred

Screenshot from 2018-07-08 23-14-31


At 10:43, Not long later, Sir Alan Duncan tweets in relation to ensuring the accession of certain Balkan countries to the European Union. This is odd in the light of the fact that he works for the foreign and commonweath office, an organisation which is meant to be helping with the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union but which, as I have highlighted, would appear (like himself) not necessarily in favour of such a move.

At 10:45, Two minutes later, it is announced that one of the victims of Novichok, Dawn Sturgess, has died. I post a screenshot of the article to show the publication time with the mail being the first to report the incident (this is published in the United Kingdom so is reported as occuring one hour earlier).

Screenshot from 2018-07-08 23-37-51

She died however some hours ago. One would imagine that, with like the original annoucement of the poisoning, there would have been some delay.

The timing of

  1. The pro-EU announcement by Sir Alan Duncan.
  2. The announcement two minutes later, namely the death of someone through the usage of nerve agents, which has been used as a pretext by GCHQ to sell their services to the EU

is rather odd to say the least.

it is particularly odd given the fact that as I post the following (unaware of the latest development) at 10:49Screenshot from 2018-07-08 23-36-07

Within 60 seconds, Sir Jeremy Heywood who, as cabinet secretary, is “head honcho” with regards to the intelligence agencies and as a consequence reads this (but who is ill but strangely well enough to post), posts about how welcoming the FCO is for gay people which he thinks I am (not having done his research properly).

Screenshot from 2018-07-08 23-44-56Screenshot from 2018-07-08 23-44-38

On a related point, the FCO claim that they came across some intelligence that showed the Russians practising smearing novichok on doorhandles and claimed that this was how the Skripals were poisoned. This seems odd given the fact that if it were the case that someone had smeared novichok on the doorhandle of their frontdoor, they would not have thrown away the container in the park some kilometres away near to where the Skripals were found.


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