Will there be attempted interference?

Hopefully this makes sense as I am feeling under the weather due to swallowing some dust whilst clearning and it was rather incomplete earlier and had to be redrafted.

This article is rather brief but in essence I am going to another country in order to live and contribute there.

Given previous such experiences of harassment here and in other countries, (to give just a couple of examples) and given the fact that such experiences have been continuous and have not abated, it is be illogical not to expect that

  1. There will be an attempt on the part of the British and/or their dependents to prevent me settling
  2. This will form part of an effort to amongst other things to carry out corporate espionage on behalf of Dr Hermann Hauser and Amadeus.
  3. They will interfere in a manner which is either negative towards
    1. Myself: in this case they will most likely employ the techniques which form part of JTRIG or COINTELPRO. Evidence of this can be seen through the fact that the British authorities, intelligence agencies and those who work on their behalf have a record of lying in my case and that of others.
    2. Others: either involving the above or even attempts at bribery or other forms of inducement.

I should however like to say that given the United Kingdom has a choice. They can either accept one of the following options

  1. I settle in the country to which I am headed and not interfere.
  2. I will live in a country like China or perhaps Iran (which is difficult due to the fact that I have British nationality).

And given the fact that countries such as France are unwilling to take action against the United Kingdom and employ warm words instead, this choice is entirely reasonable.

Having said that, the second option seems rather unnecessary, even if it is one which should be fully examined.

  1. I shall of course report any such efforts on the part of the British (and/or their dependents).
  2. More importantly, I hope others from the country to where I am going do as well (as others have). Such reporting and material will of course prove rather useful in terms of my work, in light of the series of essays in relation to EPR whcih forms a small part.

Example one 15/7/2018 22:21

I have just bought health insurance with a Swiss company and it turns out that the dates which I entered have not been entered in correctly into the system; there is a difference between the dates given for the insurance certificate and dates on the account itself. The very same problem also occured when I attempted to set up shop here and registered for a microenterprise and I judge that this is occurred on the part of the UK.

This is for France. Winning a football competition is all very well but it does not make a very good exchange with being able to do potential business with the UK does it?

This is for the UK. You apparently have difficulty in keeping track of 30000 jihadists and have to prioritise in this way but have resources ot waste upon commerical espionage. It is thus categorically true to state that you aren’t bothered about terrorism.


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