Why things are much the same as they ever were with regards to the state and abuse in the west.

In 2016, I claimed asylum in Canada. Or to be more precise, an officer of the Canada Border Services Agency who had greeted me with the words “We know who you are” upon disembarkation from the plane from Iceland suggested that I might like to do so instead of proceeding to Argentina as I had stated was my intention (or Peru as I had claimed).

I shall perhaps, at a later stage, relate what occurred during the 9 or so months which I spent in Canada but I should just like to make a particular comment about abuse, the state and the reaction of the public, using the example of some of my experiences in Canada.

In Canada, I was initially provided with lodgings at a place in Toronto called Adams House which is alledgedly Christian. In a similar manner to other cases involving abuse and Christianity such as those which occurred in Ireland (albeit on a far lesser scale) and with the protection of the director of the institution Lucy Chaimiti, residents would be directed to either damage equipment, steal personal possessions and act as informers. This began when I was writing the full asylum application and continued as I was waiting for the outcome. When I complained about this, the director and other members of staff claimed that I was mentally ill or else told me that I should move out.

When I attempted to leave Canada in light of the fact that this sort of behaviour was part of the reason for my asylum claim (rendering it rather nonsensical to continue), I was informed, in contravention of the law, that I would have to return to the United Kingdom. As a consequence, I thus decided that it would be wisest to stay.

When I later ended up at another place called Partage St Francois in Quebec where much the same things occurred, I was informed by at least two individuals who shall remain nameless, (one of them worked in the armed forces), that this interference was being carried out on behalf of the RCMP who were in turn acting on behalf of MI6 and that Canada was not infact sovereign.

Why do I say things are much the same when it comes to Christianity, the state and abuse?  For the following reasons

  1. Charity is offered in return for abuse, albeit not of a sexual kind.
  2. The attitude of those (including members of the public) to whom you report such things hasn’t changed in the west, in that there is a propensity to beleive that you are
    1. imagining it and in some way ill. It is often the case that they will oddly claim that your reporting of such abuse is down to some previous abuse which never in fact occurred.
    2. making it up
    3. attention seeking
    4. ungrateful.
  3. Such abuse within a society is reliant upon such attitudes.
  4. In the middle east or the east, things tend oddly to be more progressive in that, even if there is such abuse, it is generally the case that people admit in private conversations that such abuse exists, rather than stating that you imagining it/making it up/attention seeking/ungrateful.
  5. If you happen to be from some rights movement but are equally dismissive of these and other forms of institutional abuse, you can expect to be ignored and to be judged by myself and by others as a hypocrite

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