Asylum Claim

I have been advised not to upload the asylum claim but would like nonetheless to talk in a circumspect manner about what it was like to raise issues to the college in the initial stages before any harassment.

The Russian envoy to the United Nations Vladimir Safronkov recently became rather frustrated with the UK envoy, Matthew Rycroft CBE who as I did went to an Oxbridge college

He had only spoken to him once as far as I can tell and yet found that frustrating, something which I understand all too well even though I went to St Catharine’s College. The manner of Mr Rycroft is similar to that which was displayed by senior members of my particular college when they were dealing with things before the harassment.

In this respect, it might be worth imagining what it would be like living with such people for four years especially given that since the last two years of my stay at St Catharine’s, harassment has occurred on a daily basis.