How to get through customs with sensitive materials (And how this relates to the Daily express and their obsession with Princess Diana and Madelaine McCaan)

As I have stated, there is no true understanding of enhanced perceptual reasoning and its important implications for societies in the west due to the psychiatric establishment’s reliance upon subjective determination of psychiatric conditions. Intelligence agencies would furthermore be liable according to present policy to view such abilities as a problem in that they pose a threat to human systems of surveillance which are being concealed.

Those with enhanced perceptual reasoning are of course more often than not blessed with excellent memory and can see patterns and details. Rather like Nunez in HG Wells novel Country of the Blind, it is not a case of “seeing things which aren’t there” but “seeing things which others cannot see”

This is quite a useful ability should one wish to get through customs with some sensitive materials which one would wish to conceal. Without meaning to sound disrespectful, it is not as if the average customs officer in the west will be able to see the significance of patterns and details in certain situations and in addition, they are not blessed with telepathy which enables them to read someone’s memory. Furthermore their superiors would no doubt regard any such abilities as a threat as I outlined in my first post.

Before coming to Moscow, I was aware that I had been subject to computerised network exploitation (aka hacking) and that the main archive had been deleted and that should I reconstruct it it was likely to occur again even if it were encrypted. I did however have several backups of all the material but felt that it would be best if those backups were to have documents with insignificant names and were to be arranged (with several copies) in a disorganised manner with several backups spread across several disks. I would also have to remember quite a fair bit.

This I felt would lead customs officers who would have average perceptual reasoning upon any potential inspection (as had been the case on the frontier between Belarus and Poland in September 2015 when I was detained by the Polish border guard who proceeded to inspect my computer) to conclude that it was “Junk” and this is indeed what occurred before the reassembly of my archive in Moscow.

For the customs officers, it is a case of seeing “not seeing things which are there” rather than “seeing things which aren’t there” because they cannot see things which those with EPR can see.

In many ways the method which I used is not unlike the one whereby the British Ministry of Defence exported arms to Saddam Hussein in the early nineties except for the fact that that attempt was not all the well concealed.

Of course this does not does not apply to for someone with an excellent memory and EPR and one might conclude that this presents a problem to authorities in the west given that this lack of ability in this respect and fear of such abilities in that it threatens their systems of surveillance presents a challenge. As I have proved, that fear of such abilities threatens one system of surveillance, which is customs.

So at the moment, it’s very easy to get sensitive materials through western customs and there is nothing they can do about it.

I should state that Russia and other non-western countries are not presented with such a problem given the fact that they have no need to ensure that on a general level, the public are unaware of certain systems of surveillance. From what I understand and have witnessed, they are fairly blunt and open about such matters.

As regards how this related to the Daily Express and Princess Diana, I should perhaps explain. The Daily Express along with some extent the Dailymail publishes is renowned for covering conspiracy stories regarding the death of Princess Diana. it is known for this reason as the Di-ly express. This is also mixed in with the Madelaine Mccaan story

One might ask why this is the case. I would imagine that it is not improbable to suggest that the editor of that newspaper is employed by or has links with MI5 and the “Junk” stories concerning Diana are in fact an effort by the intelligence community to promote a situation whereby any real revelation concerning the death of Diana will be associated with the Daily Express and such conspiracy stories. In other words were to state the truth and state “This is what happened to Diana”, the other person would yawn and state “you sound like the daily express”.

For the truth to be concealed, you just hide it in a load of nonsense and junk news although someone with a high level of PR would be able to see this as well as its significance

Why they should go to such efforts would lead one to suggest that there is in fact something to conceal although I would wish to state that the death of Diana is not something I will be covering.

Dailymail 18:16 GMT 24th of April 2017

In a similar manner, the mail (and indeed others unusually) have published a story concerning MI5 and involvement in the Madelaine McCann story.  I would suggest that it is not unlikely that they would wish my suggestion of underhand dealings by that organisation to be associated in the publics mind with these conspiracy theories, thereby leading the allegations to be discounted.

This is rather difficult however given the definitive links between the mail and MI5 and the fact that a member of MI5 is involved in underhand dealings, one Martin Clarke, who is its editor.

If anyone thinks PR can be ignored, then to be quite frank they need their head examined.

UPDATE: Although this might be unrelated, just after publishing this story at 21:00, the story about MI5 and Madeleine McCann has been removed. GCHQ of course read this pass on this to MI5 and thence onto Martin Clarke who publishes stuff on their behalf.

Dailymail 21:02 GMT 24th of April 2017

UPDATE: As of Tuesday the 24th of April, all the newspapers have started covering Maddie even though it is not so significant a story to merit such coverage before the anniversary. This is perhaps an effort in the part of MI5 to cover up the revelation which I made that that story is perhaps used to cover up another story. They are perhaps attempting to achieve this by increasing the ratio of disinfo to info and by pretending the Maddie story which is hardly ever covered in the more serious journals but which strangely now isis, is not used by a tool by MI5 through the express.

The scientific method of leaking


Most sites which are devoted to leaking classified materials such as Wikileaks and The Intercept are of the opinion that for a claim to be accepted as truthful, it must be an original source document from a government employee. In addition, for the most part, the intercept in particular has a tendency to focus upon the United States, something which is perhaps understandable to some extent.

This approach does have its limitations however.  

Governments would naturally regard a reliance by leakers upon original source documents as a weakness which can be exploited (much as the CIA presumably did when wikileaks asked people to apply to that organisation as potential infiltrators).  They will anticipate the fact that there are leakers by providing “official documents” which are either at variance with the truth as was the case with the zinoviev letter or which are “leaked” in order to conceal even worse stories.

It’s called disinformation.

With regard to the latter, one example would be the disinformation with regard to Michael Flynn and the Cambridge Intelligence Seminars. Another example would be a recent story on the intercept (which I shall not discuss for the moment) which pertains to human systems of surveillance. With regard to the former, a classic example is the double-cross system in WWII whereby the Germans relied upon official sources.

Furthermore, there has not been a leak of the scale of Snowden since Snowden. What was revealed in Vault 7, without meaning to sound disrespectful to Wikileaks, was bound to exist in that it revealed examples of what Snowden had already revealed. It makes sense to presume at the outset that western intelligence agencies have access to all computer systems (given the hacking of the latest version of my tails-OS and OSX installations) rather than being surprised at any big revelation revelation that they do.

There is a better alternative which exists in certain cases to leaking information. This to use the scientific method and to analyse in a logical manner what already exists, which in the case of human forms of surveillance is mostly governmental disinformation rather than original source documents, and to form a conclusion as to the existence of such systems. Such an approach, although this not with regard to intelligence related matters, seemed to work with Charles Darwin and his discovery of evolution. It also appears to work for Sherlock Holmes and other fictional detectives.

It is possible to conclude that a modern form of COINTELPRO is in operation on the basis of the governmental disinformation (which can be classified as original source documents to some extent) and to leak on that basis. In the absence of anyone being able to point out flaws in the analysis, the conclusion reached would appear to be true.

I’d love it if someone were to say “This is wrong because…” and to be able to debate the matter but strangely no-one seems to be able to

On a general level with regard to analysis of intelligence related matters, it should be taken into consideration that revelations concerning human forms of surveillance are of greater importance than revelations concerning electronic systems of surveillance given that the former would appear to be as extensive as and form the basis of the later.

How not to protect people by MI6

SIS is the correct name for MI6, which I am reticent to use because people appear to think, no doubt due to James Bond that it’s some Special Operations Executive type organisation which hasn’t existed for over half a century. In actual fact the reality is that the life of an intelligence officer is an office job with perhaps some travel mixed in and lots of counselling of agents. Just to remind you, this is the sort of person who works for MI6.


Anyway, the repeated attempts to recruit me to MI6 on the part of that individual in the photo whose name is Dr Philip Oliver and was the head of admissions at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge are interesting in that MI6 promised that they would “look after me in every which way”. I felt I should comment upon this rather strange claim.

Not only is it the case that SIS don’t seem to be particularly capable (or indeed interested) in looking after the Middle East but the previous head of the organisation, Sir John Sawyers doesn’t appear to be able to look after himself or indeed his own family, given that certain pictures of himself and family appeared on the internet through his wife’s Facebook account which were available to everyone.

mi6 27.jpg

Lady Sawyers and Corinne Sawyers

mi6 18.jpg

Sir John Sawyers

The EXIF details were presumably available on this photos, thereby providing details of the locations where they were taken and so on.  Lady Sawers also happened to disclose many personal details on her facebook account, including the location of the London flat used herself and Sir John and other details of their three children and of Sir John’s parents. Security experts even warned that his family might have to be rehoused.

I hope it is understood given this that having being in a Cambridge college where one is invited in the hope of expectation that one will work for GCHQ, it’s really not all that difficult to come across information in relation to those who work for the intelligence agencies, as Jock Kane confirmed.

It’s doesn’t exactly ring true that they would look after me particularly given the photos and given the fact that they murdered Gareth Williams and tried to blamed the Russians and Americans.

Moreover, apart from the general harassment, the death threats in person and online, the threat of torture, the fact that others have reported torture as well as the fact that Sir John appears to think torturing terror suspects produces useful intelligence are all rather off-putting to say the least.

Why things are much the same as they ever were with regards to the state and abuse in the west.

In 2016, I claimed asylum in Canada. Or to be more precise, an officer of the Canada Border Services Agency who had greeted me with the words “We know who you are” upon disembarkation from the plane from Iceland suggested that I might like to do so instead of proceeding to Argentina as I had stated was my intention (or Peru as I had claimed).

I shall perhaps, at a later stage, relate what occurred during the 9 or so months which I spent in Canada but I should just like to make a particular comment about abuse, the state and the reaction of the public, using the example of some of my experiences in Canada.

In Canada, I was initially provided with lodgings at a place in Toronto called Adams House which is alledgedly Christian. In a similar manner to other cases involving abuse and Christianity such as those which occurred in Ireland (albeit on a far lesser scale) and with the protection of the director of the institution Lucy Chaimiti, residents would be directed to either damage equipment, steal personal possessions and act as informers. This began when I was writing the full asylum application and continued as I was waiting for the outcome. When I complained about this, the director and other members of staff claimed that I was mentally ill or else told me that I should move out.

When I attempted to leave Canada in light of the fact that this sort of behaviour was part of the reason for my asylum claim (rendering it rather nonsensical to continue), I was informed, in contravention of the law, that I would have to return to the United Kingdom. As a consequence, I thus decided that it would be wisest to stay.

When I later ended up at another place called Partage St Francois in Quebec where much the same things occurred, I was informed by at least two individuals who shall remain nameless, (one of them worked in the armed forces), that this interference was being carried out on behalf of the RCMP who were in turn acting on behalf of MI6 and that Canada was not infact sovereign.

Why do I say things are much the same when it comes to Christianity, the state and abuse?  For the following reasons

  1. Charity is offered in return for abuse, albeit not of a sexual kind.
  2. The attitude of those (including members of the public) to whom you report such things hasn’t changed in the west, in that there is a propensity to beleive that you are
    1. imagining it and in some way ill. It is often the case that they will oddly claim that your reporting of such abuse is down to some previous abuse which never in fact occurred.
    2. making it up
    3. attention seeking
    4. ungrateful.
  3. Such abuse within a society is reliant upon such attitudes.
  4. In the middle east or the east, things tend oddly to be more progressive in that, even if there is such abuse, it is generally the case that people admit in private conversations that such abuse exists, rather than stating that you imagining it/making it up/attention seeking/ungrateful.
  5. If you happen to be from some rights movement but are equally dismissive of these and other forms of institutional abuse, you can expect to be ignored and to be judged by myself and by others as a hypocrite

Will there be attempted interference?

Hopefully this makes sense as I am feeling under the weather due to swallowing some dust whilst clearning and it was rather incomplete earlier and had to be redrafted.

This article is rather brief but in essence I am going to another country in order to live and contribute there.

Given previous such experiences of harassment here and in other countries, (to give just a couple of examples) and given the fact that such experiences have been continuous and have not abated, it is be illogical not to expect that

  1. There will be an attempt on the part of the British and/or their dependents to prevent me settling
  2. This will form part of an effort to amongst other things to carry out corporate espionage on behalf of Dr Hermann Hauser and Amadeus.
  3. They will interfere in a manner which is either negative towards
    1. Myself: in this case they will most likely employ the techniques which form part of JTRIG or COINTELPRO. Evidence of this can be seen through the fact that the British authorities, intelligence agencies and those who work on their behalf have a record of lying in my case and that of others.
    2. Others: either involving the above or even attempts at bribery or other forms of inducement.

I should however like to say that given the United Kingdom has a choice. They can either accept one of the following options

  1. I settle in the country to which I am headed and not interfere.
  2. I will live in a country like China or perhaps Iran (which is difficult due to the fact that I have British nationality).

And given the fact that countries such as France are unwilling to take action against the United Kingdom and employ warm words instead, this choice is entirely reasonable.

Having said that, the second option seems rather unnecessary, even if it is one which should be fully examined.

  1. I shall of course report any such efforts on the part of the British (and/or their dependents).
  2. More importantly, I hope others from the country to where I am going do as well (as others have). Such reporting and material will of course prove rather useful in terms of my work, in light of the series of essays in relation to EPR whcih forms a small part.

Example one 15/7/2018 22:21

I have just bought health insurance with a Swiss company and it turns out that the dates which I entered have not been entered in correctly into the system; there is a difference between the dates given for the insurance certificate and dates on the account itself. The very same problem also occured when I attempted to set up shop here and registered for a microenterprise and I judge that this is occurred on the part of the UK.

This is for France. Winning a football competition is all very well but it does not make a very good exchange with being able to do potential business with the UK does it?

This is for the UK. You apparently have difficulty in keeping track of 30000 jihadists and have to prioritise in this way but have resources ot waste upon commerical espionage. It is thus categorically true to state that you aren’t bothered about terrorism.


How not to recruit people by MI6 (example 4)

Someone within the last five minutes has accessed various articles on my blog but has not read them.Screenshot from 2018-07-08 21-15-21

The blog might have been accessed for the following reasons.

  1. A random access by someone who came across the website through a google seartch. This would however appear to be improbable given the fact that the above log shows that they have not accessed a single link which is present on the “How not to recruit people to MI6” article (such as a youtube clip of an attempt to, er, recruit me by MI6).
  2. A method of indirectly signalling to me that I might like to say that I claimed asylum because of harassment which happened as a result of the actions of British intelligence. This would be the truth but, if this were what they had meant, they would have just emailed.

There is a third reason which I regard as more probable.. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office through monitoring my internet connection have noticed that

  1. I had booked a ticket to cuba but decided that, amongst other things, it would not be practicable to go there (as things stand) and I have thus decided to cancel the ticket. Here is a copy of the email:Screenshot from 2018-07-08 21-30-45
  2. I downloaded the 1985 film “A Room with a view” which is partly set near to where I grew up and also looked at other material in relation to thisScreenshot from 2018-07-08 21-33-12


  1. the FCO have taken these actions as a signal that I would wish to return to the United Kingdom although in actual fact, my browsing is in relation to a place which no longer exists (or rather a time, the year 1985, which I am reminiscing about because, amongst other things, it was long before the harassment) and that I might like to work for MI6. They think that if this were the case, I would be unable to work on things which interest me and someone else (a competitor, namely a Hauser) will take hold of it. This is a strange conclusion given that an essential part of what they want is already available on this website but for reasons which are understandable from their perspective (and the perspective of all sociopaths) they strangely wish to ignore what they are after whilst attempting to make use of it.
  2. The foreign and commonwealth office have misunderstood the article in relation to MI6 recruitment which they had accessed. They should understand that you do not recruit
    1. by continually badgering someone who has continually stated that they do not work for GCHQ, the security service or indeed MI6.
    2. Someone whom you have been harassing in numerous different ways.
    3. In order to go after something which, as mentioned, you in actual fact do not want.
    4. Where such actions and other forms of harassment might appear to have led to the loss of your last major tech company and the destruction (if that’s the correct word) of any prospect that your country will ever be a true global player in that economic sector.
    5. Where such actions led to a situation (an asylum claim) where I discovered a plot to stop brexit by senior members of the civil service.


Update at 8/7/2018 23:12

At 10:36, I posted this very article at on facebook and did so publicly. Here is a screenshot which shows the time when this occurred

Screenshot from 2018-07-08 23-14-31


At 10:43, Not long later, Sir Alan Duncan tweets in relation to ensuring the accession of certain Balkan countries to the European Union. This is odd in the light of the fact that he works for the foreign and commonweath office, an organisation which is meant to be helping with the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union but which, as I have highlighted, would appear (like himself) not necessarily in favour of such a move.

At 10:45, Two minutes later, it is announced that one of the victims of Novichok, Dawn Sturgess, has died. I post a screenshot of the article to show the publication time with the mail being the first to report the incident (this is published in the United Kingdom so is reported as occuring one hour earlier).

Screenshot from 2018-07-08 23-37-51

She died however some hours ago. One would imagine that, with like the original annoucement of the poisoning, there would have been some delay.

The timing of

  1. The pro-EU announcement by Sir Alan Duncan.
  2. The announcement two minutes later, namely the death of someone through the usage of nerve agents, which has been used as a pretext by GCHQ to sell their services to the EU

is rather odd to say the least.

it is particularly odd given the fact that as I post the following (unaware of the latest development) at 10:49Screenshot from 2018-07-08 23-36-07

Within 60 seconds, Sir Jeremy Heywood who, as cabinet secretary, is “head honcho” with regards to the intelligence agencies and as a consequence reads this (but who is ill but strangely well enough to post), posts about how welcoming the FCO is for gay people which he thinks I am (not having done his research properly).

Screenshot from 2018-07-08 23-44-56Screenshot from 2018-07-08 23-44-38

On a related point, the FCO claim that they came across some intelligence that showed the Russians practising smearing novichok on doorhandles and claimed that this was how the Skripals were poisoned. This seems odd given the fact that if it were the case that someone had smeared novichok on the doorhandle of their frontdoor, they would not have thrown away the container in the park some kilometres away near to where the Skripals were found.


GCHQ and the college appear to attempt to influence 2 further French university applications.

) On Monday the 2nd of June, my application to a university was turned down.

As a result, on my private facebook page, I said a few things and happened to mention the possiblity in relation to the only remaining application that the University concerned were perhaps going to be “influenced” in some way into not giving me a place.

This is a reasonable suspicion given that this is a possible interpretation of what happened when an application for a course at a different university was rejected a couple of weeks ago.

Even if I blamed GCHQ on that occasion (I was to be fair being as polite as I could be under the circumstances), it is at the very least true that the university concerned as well as the authorities here show utter disdain (if not loathing) for the security of personal data and indeed security in general.

At the very least, it is true to say that, by default even if not by design, they are collaborating with the British because of such inaction and well laziness.

The comment as you can see refers to France in general and not the university as such

Screenshot from 2018-07-03 22-33-59

I write the last comment at at 10:26AM and the penultimate comment was in relation to the university concerned.

Screenshot from 2018-07-03 21-45-27

and within seconds at 10:26AM, I get a rejection from the university.
Screenshot from 2018-07-03 21-43-27

This suggests that they were reading my private facebook page and what I had said about being “influenced” is true or that they were “offended” at the suggestion that France is feckless which I’m afraid is true if one takes into account comments by some French nationals.

As a result today, I have made a final decision to leave France and to go to Cuba most probably. It’s a long story but let’s just say that there are issues here (which I don’t really want to go into for the moment) and it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Anyway in relation my suspicion of “influence” today at 2:35, the following tweet appears on the St Catharines College twitter feed and mentions the fact that some fellow who apparently invented some wonder drug or other (did he?) has been appointed the CEO of company which he co-founded.

It just so happens that one of the people who has been given a job on the scientific advisory board is someone from the very university to which I applied and had been rejected by (University Paris Sud).

Screenshot from 2018-07-03 21-56-33

So in essence, I apply to a university outlining the fact that I left St Catharines college because of issues in relation to harassment and so on and somone from the university is given a job by someone from the college.

It might be done unawares but it would strike me as possibly the case that my application was turned down in exchange for him getting a job at the company concerned (In other words one might say that potentially they were bought off).

This would appear perhaps to be confirmed by the following.  As I begin taking material from the internet at 9:47 to compose this article, most notably the screenshots of my private facebook profile and a copy of the email, Amadeus and Interpol tweet.

Given the timing (Amadeus noticed through corporate spying by GCHQ that I was composing this article and Interpol tweeted exactly one second later), the content and subtext (outlined below) and the frequency of those tweets (Amadeus more often than not tweeting in response to things which I have said), both of these can be interprted as a statement to the effect that:

  1. Amadeus are going “Bah humbag, he caught us” and are stating that either
    1. my work is overhyped and the hoped for effect from the recruitment of the individual from Paris Saclay in derailing any ambition in that direction is not going to work.
    2. Amadeus are singalling that they intend to continue corporate spying.


  1. Interpol are
    1. shocked by the revelations on the part Amadeus and are signalling that they are going to look at stolen artwork instead of dealing with false allegations which are passsed onto them by the United Kingdom.
    2. signaling that they are going to do corporate spying for what can loosely be described as artwork on behalf of GCHQ and Amadeus

Personally, I am confident that the correct interpretation is number 1 in both cases in that it would be rather strange if it were to be the case that Interpol were doing corporate spying on behalf of Amadeus and Dr Hermann Hauser particularly given the fact that

  1. As outlined above, the have been strange interactions with St Catharines College and University Paris Sud and a rejection of my application
  2. Much of the stuff is no longer written down and I am wondering whetehr it is worth encrypting the rest.
  3. I have documentary evidence which proves that Amadeus have been attempting to steal from me.
  4. It might come across as revenge for the following.

Update 14:54 4/07/2018

I happened to be looking at reserving a ticket to cuba as  can be seen from the browsing record.Screenshot from 2018-07-04 14-36-59

It just so happens that between 1:22 and 1:23 local time, Cambridge tweet about treatement for gambling which can be a coded way of stating that I am gambling by going to Cuba.

Indeed this is signifed by the fact that five minutes later, I get a rejection for a university course which, due to a small mistake on my part, I thought had rejected me already.

Screenshot from 2018-07-04 14-40-03.png

But then this rejection is immaterial given the fact that it would be pointless to go. It shows disdain for the security of personal data and by default therefore, in not by design, it cooperates with GCHQ. Under such circumstances, what would be the point in doing research there?

It also happens that I was looking at completing my purchase of a ticket at 2:14PM

Screenshot from 2018-07-04 14-51-35

And Europol tweet

As with Interpol, this can be interpreted as them stating that

  1. they are going to look at stolen artwork instead of dealing with false allegations which are passsed onto them by the United Kingdom.
  2. signaling that they are going to do corporate spying for what can loosely be described as artwork on behalf of GCHQ and Amadeus

Personally, I am confident that the correct interpretation is number 1 in that, as with interpol  it would be rather strange if it were to be the case that they were doing corporate spying on behalf of Amadeus and Dr Hermann Hauser particularly given the fact that

  1. As outlined above, the have been strange interactions with St Catharines College and University Paris Sud and a rejection of my application
  2. Much of the stuff is no longer written down and I am wondering whether it is worth encrypting the rest.
  3. I have documentary evidence which proves that Amadeus have been attempting to steal from me.
  4. It might come across as revenge for the following.

I suppose however the proof of the pudding is in the eating and if there are any “problems”, it will prove the above.

Update 15:47 04/07/2018

Having said that it might be the case that the United Kingdom and its dependencies will attempt “influence” in other respects such as offering aid. Except under such circumstances, that would not be aid, it would be attempted briberyScreenshot from 2018-07-04 15-46-06.png

Karma perhaps?

The Foreign and Commonwealth office are today advertising a disability conference which they will be co-hosting.

Screenshot from 2018-07-02 14-45-55

Given the fact that my complaint to the investigatory powers tribunal was, as would be expected according to the statistical probability of successturned down, the highlighting of this conference can very well be interpreted as an attempt to cover for what has and is still occurring in terms of the harassment of myself by individuals who work for the foreign and commonwealth office. I should wish to emphasize however that I do not view myself as disabled because I am on the spectrum

Such forms of public relations are not unknown amongst the British establishment. It might be said that Jimmy Saville helping the disabled as a cover for his abuse of them is reflective of a culture which he witnessed during his encounters with the establishment.

The reality is of course rather different than they would wish to claim.  No less an organisation than the United Nations has reported that The United Kingdom disregards the rights of those who are disabled

Similarly it can be interpreted that they make mention of how they help people who are refugees in a rather less well-off part of the world in order to cover for what they did to me (given that I claimed asylum) and to others who have been or are in a similar situation.

One can expect this sort of grubby tactic from the British establishment but it does make me rather angry when members of the public of indeed other governments who are nominally independent fall for this.

Having said this, it is perhaps the case that they have more reason to be angry than me.

I have no direct evidence of the following but feel that I should mention it nonetheless.

Whilst I was in Toronto in 2016, as part of a visa application, I sent a registered package containing information pertaining to the corrupt actions of Dr Hauser, his son,  the college, university, intelligence services and Amadeus to the American consulate in Toronto.

I did so because they might wish to know something about me and as to why I needed to leave Canada urgently (the harassment on the part of the FCO had been ongoing there). They received the package of documents on the 30th of June and I will should I feel like it dig out the receipt at a later stage.

Now it is claimed that the purchase of ARM was a side effect of Brexit but one might ask why no other companies were purchased on that basis, subsequent to that purchase.

One might reasonably conclude instead that perhaps having read the contents of that dossier and having noticed less than a week later that Dr Hermann Hauser had been knighted, arrangments were made to “liberate” ARM but without necessarily informing the company which eventually bought it.

Thus, if this is indeed true, it can be said that in addition to the effect of brexit and as a consequence of the decision to carry out corporate spying and to harass me to that end and of the fact that I had to seek a place away from such actions.

  1. The United Kingdom no longer has any large technology companies  and no technology sector worth speaking of and is unlikely to do so in the near future. This should be a concern given how dependent countries are these days on such things for their economic success.
  2. The decisions in relation to technology are going to be made elsewhere. In effect, it’s rather like the decline of the car industry in the 1970s with a good dose of 1950s style complacency.

Whether the above is or is not true is perhaps irrelevant (although there is unlikely to be objectivity about such matters from the United Kingdom or indeed honesty from the United States). I

Only someone who is rather mentally challenged could think it is sane

  1. To be so obsessed with corporate spying upon my person (and to be oddly claiming that I am cognitively challenged as part of this and an attempt to recruit me to MI6)
  2. And to do so at the expense of being in a position to prevent the loss of your important company ARM and the diminution of the UK technology sector as a whole, particularly given the apparent effect of the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, something which Dr Hauser was so unhappy about at the time, he actually bothered to tweet).

If that is indeed what happened, it would also add further proof to my point about the equation about enhanced perception and its consequences and why one can already see the effects of this in action.

I’m sure however that Dr Hauser wouldn’t however mind about my actions under such circumstances given that a month beforehand, he recently stated that he approved of corporate spying which is strange given that one might have thought that he and others would have learnt from Micromen.

Rather amusingly however, whilst I have been writing this and saving the blog along the way, the NSA have tweeted congratulating Australia which given the fact that they will no doubt be reading this, strikes me as rather inappropriate and as confirmation of the fact that the United States “serves” Britain in much the same way as a stallion “serves” a skittish mare.

The United Kingdom “A country made up of inflatable fakes – easily punctured by a single solid, sharp fact – which only look good from space, or from a Minister’s office.”

I think this weeks’ sermon by Peter Hitchens who writes for the mail on Sunday  is particularly brilliant and sums up the United Kingdom neatly (if it could be said to refer to the intelligence services however it would be too kind)

The Army is thinking of buying a large fleet of inflatable tanks, in the hope of fooling an enemy into believing that we are still a serious military power.

Even if we can find an enemy dim enough to fall for this, it probably won’t work.

Incompetent modern Britain, which has weirdly contrived a shortage of CO2 when everyone else is trying to get rid of it, is quite capable of running out of air when the time comes to pump up the inflatable tanks.

It is working very hard on running out of electricity to drive the pumps, too.

Our mad dogma-driven destruction of coal-fired power stations has left us horribly vulnerable to power cuts.

But the desperate scheme symbolises modern Britain, a country made up of inflatable fakes – easily punctured by a single solid, sharp fact – which only look good from space, or from a Minister’s office.

There’s the balloon economy, a mass of unrepayable public and private debt made worse by an impossible trade deficit.

Then there’s the inflatable NHS, into which we pump endless sums of money without ever actually overcoming its problems of poor hygiene, leaden bureaucracy, waste and long waits.

It too, is an illusion, a thing we pretend to love until it lets us down or kills us.

Inflated exam results are used to pump up our schools (grandly renamed ‘academies’) so that they look good, even if their products can barely read and have learned little except crude Left-wing prejudices.

And so back we come to our Armed Forces. Our Army is smaller than it has been for 200 years.

Many of our shrunken Navy’s ships are stuck immobilised at the quayside because they won’t work in warm water.

And it has just been forced to sell one of its most important and powerful vessels, HMS Ocean, to the Brazilian Navy for a song.

There’s our ridiculous Cold War superpower Trident deterrent, which no British Premier would dare to use, whatever they say, and which will utterly cripple our economy and the rest of our defences unless we swap it soon for something much more modest.

We only look as if we are an important, advanced country – and the illusion only works if you are a great distance away.

The whole thing looms and wheezes above us like an ancient barrage balloon, plastered with cheap nylon Union Jacks to cover the holes, but springing a new leak every minute. One day it will fall on top of us.

This is not a proper nation, just a fake inflatable version of one, and I still hate to think what will happen when the rest of the world realises the sad truth. We, and those who rule us, have plainly decided we prefer the fake to the reality.

Why the British and their dependents might be minded to again pass on disinformation through Interpol or Europol and why this is a bad idea.

I have already revealed the fact that,

  1. Dr Hermann Hauser by using agencies such as GCHQ and SIS committed corporate espionage upon me in the United Kingdom as well as Europe.
  2. Those agencies have immunity from prosecution under British law.
  3. Instead of dealing with complaints in relation to those intelligence services, the FCO will attempt to bury such complaints with othes which are arguably less serious and which they only partially admitted to whilst laying most of the blame upon others.
  4. GCHQ attempted to spy upon a French University for Amadeus Capital Partners.
  5. The EU has in effect a colonial relationship with the United Kingsom and its intelligence agencies. 
  6. The EU is as such keen to show that it does not wish to deal with complaints in relation to the United Kingdom and its intelligence agencies even when this affects another member state.
  7. The EU gives a final response to my complaint thus helping to demonstrate why I cannot claim asylum and why they would have no reason to keep me prisoner.

Why do I bring this up? Well

  1. To sum up my situation from the above, Dr Hermann Hauser is into corporate espionage. This has been taking place against myself since the year 2012 and is carried out on his behalf by the intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom which, as part of this effort and amongst other things, smear, lie and torture. One might imagine that their counterparts in Europe might take action but they are in fact subordinate to those within the United Kingdom. They have either turned a blind eye to what their counterparts in the UK are doing to me or else done their bidding. In addition, it is worth mentioning the fact that Dr Hermann Hauser is chair of the European Innovation Council and that the security commissioner for the European Commission is on secondment from the very agency he is meant to be overseeing . To top it all, I have as a result of the actions of the above witnessed and have records of corruption in relation to the British in particular.
  2. It would seem, given this, that there would be no small a reluctance to let me leave and to settle elsewhere.
  3. This is not an unreasonable conclusions given that on at least one previous occasion disinformation was put on the INTERPOL database by members of British Intelligence to stop me settling in a country. This isn’t suprising given that as I have outlined elsewhere British intelligence have a history of lying in my case and that of others. Some examples of this include
    1. Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction on the basis of evidence which they knew to be incorrect.
    2. Michael Flynn had some illicit contacts with a Russian which they did so for the purpose of recruiting me to MI6.
    3. There were some sex tapes on Donald Trump.
    4. Russia was spreading “fake news” when in actual fact they were unable to provide examples of “fake news”.
    5. The Russians killed an alumni of St Catharine’s and employee of SIS when in fact the evidence shows that it it was in fact the British state who killed him.
    6. I had an American passport and had been arrested in the Ukraine which they achieved by putting false information on an interpol database.
    7. Porton Down were certain that the nerve agent came from Russia
    8. The OPCW were unable to state where the chemical weapon originated. Not true because the head of the OPCW stated that it could have come from anywhere

It should be borne in mind therefore that there is the possibiity that the British and/or others who are in league with them might think about supplying misinformation through INTERPOL or EUROPOL as part of an attempt to prevent me from settling elsewhere. That being said, I personally find it difficult to see how they can however (apart from through desperation) given

  1. The above
  2. The fact that neither Interpol nor Europol are enforcement bodies. Countries supply them with information and information is in turn supplied by them to countries. A country chooses whether or not to act on that information. As such, should the disinformation tactic be used by MI6 and co, I would be able to point to the fact that it was not the first occasion this had occurred.
  3. It would be a strange turn of events and one which would discredit all those involved were it to be the case that the British and their dependents were to go to such lengths to defend corruption and corporate spying which takes place at the behest of Dr Hermann Hauser and British intelligence.
  4. The fact that it would not reflect well upon Interpol and/or Europol. I’m obviously not saying that this would occur but Interpol being disbanded before due to individual countries misusing the agency and supplying incorrect information for  political reasons, something which still occurs.

 Update at 14:17

GCHQ who naturally read this blog (given the domain name and content) tweeted the following within 5 minutes of my completion of this article
The fact that they read this, the timing of the tweet and the content with the mention of poppies can perhaps be taken as an indication that I might like to pay homage and go to the United Kingdom because they are minded to pass on disinformation for the umpteenth occasion thus preventing me from leaving.
Which is odd given the above and given the fact that I have never been arrested or charged with anything.
Oh and the French who also read this have tweeted too about “British heros”, showing perhaps how they are in league with the United Kingdom or rather a colony.

Update at 14:42

I felt I should repeat the following which I had written in a previous article given the above. Given the fact that that Europe (and many of its member states) apparently refuses to do what should be expected of a sovereign body which is to protect;

  1. Itself and its members states
  2. The residents in each member state.
  3. The economic wellbeing of itself and each member state.

And instead is more likley to kowtow to the United Kingdom in harassing people for reasons of corporate espionage and corruption, it seems reasonable that I should should be able to choose somewhere which does protect me.

It is potentially the case that there are a couple of responses which would be used to prevent me leaving, which can be broadly categorised as me being “a threat” or “mad”. Neither of these could be described as rational statements.


  1. I am irrational and unwell and “imagining things”, in which case I am not a threat and thus they have no reason to keep me here. One cannot for reference be a “threat” with great skills and be psychotic because *in all instances* of mental ill health, all cognitive skills decline. To conclude otherwise is a statement to the effect that they are themeselves are irrational. Thus any accusation with respect to me runs along the same lines as the argument outlines in the article “Why psychiatrists sometimes diagnose psychosis when they fulfil the diagnostic criteria”.
  2. I am rational and some sort of threat, in which case the member state concerned has to acknowledge what I experienced, given that I was mentally coherent and offer protection, instead of kowtowing to the United Kingdom.

And and its not as if it wouldn’t look slightly untowards if there were such an attempt to stop me under this pretext or others given that this is publicly available and given the fact that it would appear that in the eyes of the word Europe kowtows to the UK and The United Kingdom has a demonstrable record of making up things


Update at 14:59

I mean they could try twisting the arm of a country using foreign aid or resorting to public relations. I happened to be looking at Lebanon as a potential destination, as one can see from my browsing record.

Screenshot from 2018-06-29 14-56-02

GCHQ notice this through Karma Police and, as you can see from the screenshot, less than 20 minutes later make mention of how they have provided money to Lebanon to help with Syrian refugees. In other words it’s a form of public relations/arm twisting exercise to stop me going.

Screenshot from 2018-06-29 14-56-47

It’s potentially of course the case that the EU is attempting the same thing with Nepal, given the fact that they kowtow to the UK and given the fact that this is one of the potential destinations and one of the few countries that I follow on twitter,

It should be made clear however that the indications are far less definite given the interval of timing (which is some 3 days) but it doesn’t seem improbable that this should be atttempted

Screenshot from 2018-06-29 15-52-09